May 122010

TechT is expanding! … It’s always great to hear about a company that is still thriving in this economic downturn, for TechT the sky is the limit as the company continues to do extremely well in the paintball marketplace.

A little history on one of paintball’s better known manufacturers of paintball accessories and after market parts begins with Todd Coulter. Todd’s career first began by providing instructional DVD’s on Air Smithing. It was in 2004 that he then decided to open for business as “TechT” creating the first “hard” parts for paintball enthusiasts. Among the first of TechT’s line of products were the Ion L6 bolt and what most commonly known as the Vortex Mod for Tippmann markers. It was only following the introduction of these preliminary after market parts that the company began to build with Todd making a strategic move to bring his brother Tim on board. TechT started wholesaling their parts in earnest focusing on building a business having found a “niche” per se.

Chronologically speaking TechT and the Coulter brothers haven’t looked back as sales and the company itself has continued its growth. In 2006 the business had some 600 to 700 wholesale accounts and today TechT is able to boast somewhere in the vicinity of 1000 to 1200 accounts throughout the US and Canada.

One thing some may not fully be aware of would be the level of service offered to any customer who purchases a TechT product. While each and every TechT product exudes quality, for those few parts that experience problems, customer service is in fact available 24/7. All TechT products have their own unique serial number; all anyone need do is visit the TechT website and register your product. Once done, we the paintball community never need to worry about receipts or proof of purchase, every last TechT product is fully backed by a lifetime warranty.

Speaking with Vice President Tim Coulter, one of the product lines currently offered by TechT and one Tim is personally proud of is the new IFit line of barrel kits matching bore sizes to many paintball markers available in today’s market place. “Victor Zarecky and Python Paintball out of Illinois play a huge role in being able to provide a great product with the TechT logo on it” Tim states. “The system”, Tim goes on to say “allows us to provide a great quality product while keeping the cost to the consumer down. As of now the IFit TechT products are doing so well the back orders are into the 100’s and soon approaching the 1000’s”.

As for TechT’s expansion currently going on right now, Tim attributes a loyal customer base and word of mouth. TechT went from only 4-5 staff including both the Coulter brothers to 6 additional full time staff and 2 more once the expansion is complete. Tim mentions that the expansion will allow more room for both storage and research and development. Total square footage before was some 1600 square feet with this new expansion doubling the room for TechT to continue working on bringing paintball products to store shelves near you. When asked what the future holds for TechT, Tim mentions he wants to continue building the company to become a real premium brand name for accessories and after market parts.

As Tim and I wrapped up our telephone interview from his home in Memphis Tennessee, The Catshack asked what Tim sees for the future of paintball as a whole. Without hesitation Tim mentions how necessary it is for the true paintball community to adopt a philosophy that has each and every player become a courteous ambassador reaching out to new people and encouraging others to play. Further Tim mentions the importance of supporting your local paintball field and pro shops. By adopting these simple philosophies, we can all realize the longevity of paintball for many years to come.

Again The Catshack loves to bring positive news to the paintball world and TechT is one such story. TechT …a real success story AND it’s made in the USA!

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