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November 17, 2010  -  Stockbridge, GA -   Sewell, NJ.  The Georgia Field Owners Association is eager to announce their continued partnership with Valken Sports for their upcoming 2011 and 2012 seasons.

GFOA owners Dan Gladis (Dan’s-Land Paintball) and Joel Pfeil (On Target Paintball) have a few surprises in store for their teams next year; one of them is recognizing the valued partnership with Valken Sports and asking them back as their Hosting Sponsor for the 2011-2012 seasons. With this sponsorship package comes more prizes, end-of-year rings, and an abundant supply of Redemption Tournament paintballs. Also, when you play in the GFOA next year, it will be on brand new “Valkenized” Sup-Air ball fields!

Joel Pfeil stated, “Valken stepped up, gave us an amazing prize and sponsorship package for the 2010 season. When we approached them to help sponsor the 2011 season, we were stunned at the level of support Valken was willing to provide.”

Dan Gladis said, “Valken has proven themselves as advocates for the players, stores and for our league.” “The resounding, positive responses to their Redemption Tournament paintballs and their loyalty to the GFOA is absolutely amazing and we’re proud to have Valken as our Series Sponsor for the 2011 and 2012 seasons,” added Gladis.

Valken Sports President and CEO, Gino Postorivo stated, “We are glad to be partnering with the GFOA for the next 2 years.”  “We have built a great relationship with the league and welcome others to support the GFOA as they have once again raised the bar, set the standard and give the players more for their money.”

Gino wants you to send him details of your regional series. Valken could be your next league sponsor! Send them to

GFOA host fields have included, On Target Paintball, Dan’s-Land Paintball, Wild Fire Paintball, Dynamic Games and Paintball of Madison. The 8-event series launches in March, 2011. Please see, for exact details, dates and locations.

Valken is an exclusive distributor of Redemption, Graffiti, Crusade, Fate, V-Tac, Worthington, and SLY branded products while also distributing thousands of items from over 40 manufacturers.  For more information about Valken please visit

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