Apr 252011

What is it that makes a player, the best of the best? Is it the gear they wear? The company they represent? Where they come from or how well they know their stuff?

Well this is just one of the topics that will be covered in the all new all girl paintball podcast coming to a computer near you within the next week! Call it a stroke of genius or just two girls with nothing better to do.

Over the past month before my departure to the Huntington Beach event, I was approached with the proposal to help head up a brand new podcast, aimed towards new players and females looking for a sort of support group. This was and is to become somewhat of an extension of the GirlPaintballer YouTube channel, with somewhat of a new twist.

With this venture I am not alone! Heading up the project alongside me is none other than Sarah Vw, of Texas. As she stated on the official announcement about the project on TechPB radio this past Tuesday “It should be interesting to see how we mesh”, due to the fact we are at two opposite experience levels and age groups, not to mention from very different parts of the world.

Sarah has been playing this marvelous sport since about this time last year, and I since March of 2008. She is trying to be more involved with the scene as much as possible and in anyway shape or form possible, while I find myself in over my head with daily relations in the industry sometimes even hard to handle. I am in the midst of my high school career as well, when she is a graduated single mom.

Our lives differ in some extreme fashions but we have been brought together by a single passion and a single desire to grow the sport and change the outlook on that sport, through our own perspectives on news and related issues. As well as to grow awareness to other females that there is girls that are active in the sport, and that they are not the only ones.

While some and mostly males [I suspect] will be bored with this topic, there is much more in store for you than you would think! Not only will we be discussing said topics but we will be having special guests, of which our first shall be Eddie Tomao of Sacramento XSV. I promise you there shall be many many more to come! As well if all goes as planned we will be able to dissect various products on the market and give your guys the synopsis after we test them! And lets not forget the giveaways, but your going to have to listen to find out what they are and how to win them .

For more updates and information on the project go like the Girl Paintballer Facebook page or email: girlpaintballer@gmail.com with any questions or suggestions you may have.

Hailey Froese
Mama’s boys need not apply!
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  1. Good for them. Best wishes to them both. :)

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