May 122011

Bubbles and the rest of Sunnyvale Trailer Park were thrown into a panic as news hit the airwaves of a major jail break at a nearby prison. And with good reason as escaped convicts soon swept into the park determined to spread anarchy and chaos wherever they went.

Trailer Park Wars, part of an annual game held each Mothers Day at Flagswipe Paintball in London ON proved to be a very intense match up. As the initial whistle blew the convicts busted out of prison and marched up the hill and quickly seized the ridge. As the first hour wore on, the convicts swept into Sunnyvale seemingly unopposed as the “Parkees” reacted with both confusion and surprise. It wasn’t long however before the “Parkees” regrouped and “Trailer Park Wars” began in earnest. Trailer Park Wars was another of those games that saw each team struggle for dominance and hold their own in securing missions and field control. One hour would see the Convicts having pushed the Parkees almost to their base and the next the reverse would be true.

Missions included everything from rounding up as many cats into a cat carrier to running an actual shopping cart back to base from across the field.

At the end of the day the final battle was the most intense to view. Spectators lined up across the mesh netting to observe as the fight unfolded before their very eyes. Cheers and shouts from these same onlookers could be heard as various players on the field attempted to gain field supremacy under a hail of paint. As the dust settled, it was the Convicts that inched ahead in point scores by winning the final battle

Convicts – 7800

Parkees – 7500

As always Flagswipe distributed some decent prizes to those that braved their Mothers wrath to attend the day. Everything from paintball helmets to markers were handed out to players.

It can certainly be said that those in attendance enjoyed a great day of paintball with just the right weather conditions to match. For photos from the event, please join The Catshack Reports Facebook group and for our video production please see below

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