Jun 192011

Hellfish TV produces what has to be among the sickest videos of Scenario Paintball action on the planet! The latest production from the last SuperGame 41 in Oregon boasts professional level footage of the weekend long event. The Catshack Reports reviewed the DVD from start to finish and once again applaud HellFish TV on another job well done.

The DVD begins with a 1 on 1 tournament, the images clearly showed some players who were out to have some fun at a great event. This was closely followed by a Friday night game in which players exchanged paint on a semi lit part of the field. Next came the SuperGame itself, some of the video captured on the field shows many players unafraid of taking hits and some crazy battles where an entire wave of players were eliminated in a hail of paint. Many impressive paintball tanks were caught on film as well as players using rocket launchers to eliminate the machinery. Following the Saturday game came a three on three pump tournament, this came with commentary from pro pump player Sonny Lopez. Sunday brought even more big game action with Thomas Taylor on film reporting what an awesome time he was having at this year’s SuperGame.  Again quickly followed by hundreds of players clashing on the field clearly intent on victory. The entirety of the production itself has also included some great musical selections adding to the enjoyment of all the action on film.

From a photographer /videographer’s perspective, the camera men clearly were in the thick of several insane battles and caught some amazing footage of players rushing and tons of paint in the air. That in itself is tough as it does put expensive camera equipment at risk of being damaged, how HellFish TV manages to catch it all on film is incredible.

HellFish TV … insane crazy or crazy insane, we’re not sure which but we can safely state with conviction that any production HellFish TV launches is definitely a caliber video well worth watching. If you haven’t checked out HellFish TV, check it today!

To see more of HellFish TV see their trailer for the event here

And to see more of HellFish TV or to order your copy of SuperGame 41 please visit http://www.hellfishtv.com/

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  2 Responses to “Hellfish TV SuperGame XLI DVD”

  1. Saw the DVD, LOVE the DVD. These guys are definitely insane and put out some killer work. Nice review!

  2. The only criticism I have of the video is with the music selection. SuperGame is a family friendly event and I wanted to watch the video with my children. The 1v1 pump tourney is the first action that they show and unfortunately the song they chose isn’t family friendly. Paintball video producers should seriously consider sticking with instrumental pieces to back the action. I could choose to mute the sound, but I like to hear the sounds of battle. I know that not everyone considers the lyrics of the song offensive but when you’re watching with little kids or at church it is embarrassing.

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