Jun 262011

As something of a very exciting announcement, The Catshack Reports in cooperation with Wasaga Beach Paintball and Tippmann Sports are very pleased to inform the paintball community of an upcoming appearance by none other than TV celebrity and star of such shows as “SurvivorMan” and “Beyond Survival” … Mr. Les Stroud.

Late one night while watching an episode of “MTV Cribs” , The Catshack was surprised to learn that Les is a big paintball enthusiast playing as often as he can in the company of his son and others. MTV Cribs was showcasing Les Stroud and his “crib” of course. The Catshack Reports took the liberty of contacting Les and Les responded with an overwhelming YES to appear at this year’s Annual Wasaga Beach Paintball Game “Alien Aggression” come August 20th, 2011.

For anyone less familiar with Les, his show detailed his being dropped in some of the world’s most inhospitable places where he had to survive completely on his own. Les took his cameras, and filmed himself surviving for a week at a time. Les second series “Beyond Survival”, saw SurvivorMan travel the world and spend time with aboriginal peoples across several continents.

Come out and join us this coming August, get an autograph and play some paintball alongside SurvivorMan, Les Stroud. Be a part of Canada’s biggest Annual paintball game with a usual attendance of 1400+ paintball enthusiasts from across the country and beyond! Don’t forget Tippmann will be hosting their TPX Challenge on Friday August 19th. TONS of vendors should be on site and Les Stroud himself will have a booth available to purchase SurvivorMan swag. Camping is available on site!

Can you survive “SurvivorMan” ????

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  4 Responses to “SurvivorMan set to appear!”

  1. Oh way to cool!! That is going to be awesome…. Great job!

  2. That’s great news! He should bring a film crew along to record all the fun! I’d make the trip there if I can strap my HD helmet camera to his paintball mask!

  3. I love the television show and know you will have a BLAST Tom! I am jealous :)

  4. Survivor Man is one of the best shows ever!!!!! I love it. Hope I can make this game!!!!

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