Jun 222011



Stiffi Barrels celebrates 2,000 friends on Facebook!

Redding, California – June 22, 2011 – The staff and management at Stiffi Barrels are so amazed by how quickly the Stiffi Facebook page has filled up with friends from all over paintball that a “thank you” has been deemed necessary! Stiffi Barrels will award a free Stiffi MF barrel, a $69 value, to one lucky friend of Stiffi on Facebook who simply visits the Stiffi Facebook page and posts a comment on the contest thread there!

If you’re already a friend of Stiffi Barrels on Facebook, thank you for your support! If not, join us on Facebook and see all the great products and people that make up the Stiffi Barrels family. Once you’re a friend of Stiffi Barrels on Facebook, post on the contest thread on the Stiffi Barrels profile page for a chance to win! If you haven’t already become a Stiff friend on Facebook, just visit www.Facebook.com/Stiffi.Barrels and join us!

On Wednesday, June 29, 2011, a winner from those who posted on the contest thread will be chosen at random and they will be contacted and notified. Should that winner not respond, a replacement will be chosen, also at random. Once the winner has been selected and notified, that winner will be awarded a free Stiffi MF barrel in their choice of barrel threads!

Manufactured by Volund Composites, a company where employees have built parts for the International Space Station, Stiffi Barrels are made to the same specifications required by the Department of Defense and are unequaled in their engineering. The results are obvious on the paintball field! Not only are Stiffi barrels lighter and quieter, but the secret MicroJeweled process makes Stiffi barrels more efficient and accurate than any other barrel. From the $69 metal-free MF barrel to the original Stiffi and versatile Switch Kit, Stiffi offers barrels in more bore sizes, lengths, styles and colors than any other brand!


Website: www.StiffiBarrel.com
Email: StiffiPR@GMail.com
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/Stiffi.Barrels
Phone: (530) 222-1910
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