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Welcome the RedRum Scenario Paintball brothers and sisters out of North Texas USA to the Catshack Reports Paintball News. The RedRum Milsim Scenario Paintball Team was officially formed in mid 2008 at their previous home field, DFW Pro in Alvarado, TX (

The team was formed by 5 close friends, Chad “Touareg” Arnouville, Christopher “Gemini” Bowlden aka Gemini, Chris “HorrorrX” Clarke, Jeremy “PFCJoker” Gomes and Matt “Pathos” Thompson. Gemini and Touareg began attending Laser Tag outings with a group of friends and coworkers. Brandi “Grace” Oaks, who is now on the team, organized the laser tag events. One of their core members, Chris Clarke quickly got bored with Laser Tag and the downfalls of the equipment, so Jeremy Gomes having played paintball for some time, decided they should go try paintball in Forney, TX at Official Paintball. They were instantly hooked on the adrenaline. All 5 players were gamers, mostly playing Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Vegas, and RedRum was their clan name, it carried through to paintball and became their team name.

RedRum has played for many years at their home field, attending the occasional Scenario Event. Their first was a Mad Ivan Scenario in 2009, “Battle of Bastogne”, shortly after in early 2010 they traveled to South Texas to Tactical Paintball with members of Texas Venom who are now RedRum’s Venom unit to attend “Raid on Entebbe”, it was their first group MVT. Further still according to Chad  “I’d have to say, the most memorable game was this year, DFW Adventure Park’s “Pegasus Bridge”, we played so well as a team and took home MVT for the Rebels/winning side. A small team called the Parker County Punishers attended with us and shortly after merged with our team. This event really put the fire back into all of our teammates.”

DFW Pro has by far been their favorite field to play paintball on. The Pyles family who owns it are incredible people and good friends. The players that play there are an honorable group and many of them have since become members of their team.

Chad “Touareg” Arnouville is the Captain and also handles the branding/website and many other administrative functions with the help of Christopher “Gemini” Bowlden. On and off the field they work to hand pick players for the team and keep the team up to date on events and plans for the team. On the field, they communicate directly with the Unit leaders for our four units. They split the team into units to help accomplish more goals and complete more missions at events. Command relays information / suggestions to the Unit Leaders and they and their unit follow through. The chain of command is there only to provide structure to the team, but most decisions are made based on feed back from the entire team.

Current Team Roster

  • Chad “Touareg” Arnouville
  • Christopher “Gemini” Bowlden
  • Mike “Bohlz” Cook
  • Tony “Gridiron” Loredo
  • Bob “Optimus” Diekmann
  • Chad “Stitch” Fitzgerald
  • Carl “Ghost” Lusty-Wallis
  • Joseph “G.I. Joe” Tolaro
  • James “ArchAngel” Claypool
  • Brandi “Grace” Oaks
  • Justin “Walleye” Brown
  • Garrett “PointBlank” Carroll
  • Gary “GhostRider” Carroll
  • Jeremy “Koncor” McNutt
  • Jared “Exodus” McNutt
  • Caleb “Polaris” Mills
  • Nathan “Odin” Young
  • Josh “Viper” Brown
  • Sonny “Striker” Rey
  • Carl “Thumper” Smith
  • Brandon “Cetis” Pederson
  • Chris “HorrorrX” Clarke
  • Matt “Pathos” Thompson
  • Jeremy “PFC” Joker
  • Howdy “Warlock” Pike
  • Robert “Rev” Fiaoni
  • Sal “Jackal” Olivares
  • Doug “D-Ray” Fincher
  • Thomas “Finney” Finney
  • Alicia “Raven” Finney

They also have 10 recruits they hope to add to their roster by end of October.

RedRum shares the same philosophy DFW Pro uses as their slogan and one a vast majority of MilSim players abide by, “Play With Honor”. They are attending 4 – 5 scenario events by the end of 2011, including Operation: Market Garden and Operation: Urgent Fury in Sept. Red Dawn at D-Day Adventure Park in Oklahoma, where they will also be unveiling their new Artillery Vehicle. They will also be attending We Were Soldiers in November at DFW Adventure Park.

Chad Arnouville mentions “We would like to build a name for ourselves as one of the most honorable teams in North Texas and while we are at it, take home an MVT at every game we play. We may not be the largest team, we may not win every game, but, we hope to be well respected by the paintball community as a liked and respected group of players. We’ve won several MVT’s from scenario events and picked up some good sponsorships.”

Team sponsors include:

Hammerhead Barrels

“We love these guys, they do a lot to outfit our team with their top of the line, rifled barrels. We approached them after a couple of our members purchased their barrels at an event and loved them, only to find out they are actually located nearby in Dallas, TX. Paul at Hammerhead is easy to work with and they produce a great product”.

Assassin Sports

“The company is owned by our captain, Touareg and he does what he can to help keep general equipment cost down”.

KobraLine Remotes

“Fern at Kobra Air is an incredibly nice guy. The KobraLine is a very well built product. We love how compact it is and how it hugs the body”.

“We are currently approaching Tippmann and Full Clip for 2012 Sponsorships. Almost the entire team shoots Tippmann, don’t think much needs to be said as to why we do. They make incredibly durable products. Same goes for Full Clip, this isn’t your run of the mill paintball gear, but instead true to life tactical gear” states Chad.

To learn lots more about RedRum Woodsball Team, feel free to check them out on the www and view photos and team info at

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