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Wayne “The Mastermind of  “Scenario Games” along with the woman behind the business Jackie!

Our interview with Wayne and Jackie Dollack, field owners of Wayne’s World of Paintball, direct from Ocala, Florida

Wow, where should I begin?  I will start by saying this, Wayne and Jackie are a couple like no other!  Wayne the “Mastermind of  Scenarios” played his first game in 1984 at Survival Zone. He held the first Grand Finale in 1992  then went on to open his own field in 1995 commonly known as Wayne’s World.  Wayne and Jackie have not stopped since that very first game! Wayne is known for his superior creativity in Scenario games.  I got the opportunity to spend the day with the two of them, a Sunday at Waynes World! It was the perfect opportunity to see them both in a most resplendent way.

I would like to start with Jackie. “a true business minded woman.” The marvel of the operation. Jackie did mention this, “ Tina sometimes people on the outside truly don’t realize the job it takes to pull off a game such as the Grand Finale.” She goes on by giving me the inside scoop.

I spend weeks in advance preparing for this huge event, well actually sometimes I don’t know how huge it will be until the day it gets here, I just do what I do and hope for the best. I wrangle phone calls, coordinate packages and answer many many questions.

I am certain at some point I may have peeved someone, not purposely done I will add. I am focused and I have to admit maybe a little stressed during  preparations. I do my best to assure everything flies smoothly, I did say, I do my best, but sometimes things are misconstrued and taken out of context. I never intend on being “snappy” as some may put it. I want to say, I love everyone that walks on this field to play at Wayne’s World and I thank them, whether it’s their first time or a veteran. I want to welcome them all and confidently say, they will have the best game ever! I love what I do, I just see it as doing my part for the players the business and my family nothing more”

I can personally say this. Jackie is a very humble woman, I have seen her in the most stressful atmosphere, “The Finale” as I have attended many times throughout the years. I have watched her micro-manage, delegate and almost pull her hair out at times, ( just kidding on the last part Jackie. ;)  She does an amazing job and pulls it off every year. Jackie is a one of a kind, a giving woman with a great personality and true she has stress at times but don’t we all. Keep doing what your doing Jackie!

The Catshack then turned to “The Master mind Of  Scenarios”  “The Master of Disguise” Wayne Dollack himself. Our question to Wayne… who is Wayne Dollack?

I am who I am, just Wayne. I would consider myself to be semi-retired. Some would beg to differ, especially Jackie” Wayne grins from ear to ear as he states this.” Granted I do spend a lot of time here at the field, my second home perhaps, but I enjoy it. I find it hard to break away after so many years, therefore I don’t. It keeps me young and I enjoy watching people come out and have a good time!  I would say I’m a kid at heart, still full of amusement and energy so why give it up. I consider myself semi-retired only because we don’t do the traveling any longer, hey 20 a year for many years I did my time. I now spend my time thinking of the next plot, the next scene, well I guess I haven’t changed much, still having fun. I have always had a creative mind, all the way back to child hood, “the prankster one would call me.” I wouldn’t change a thing in my life, a wonderful wife and family. Speaking of my wife, “Jackie I could not have accomplished my dreams, my ambition and my success without you. You have inspired me throughout my journeys and put up with my shenanigan’s, for this I love and have complete respect for you.” Wayne reflects






“I enjoy role playing if one hadn’t noticed. It’s a thrill to watch players face’s as they open, find or play a part in one of my props! We’re now working on one of my most exciting times of the year, “Halloween!” Wayne’s Worlds haunted trail.  Oh what a fright-full night it will be! I am looking to send shock-waves of anticipation, excitement and surprises down the spines of the ones that dare to enter! My imagination and exhilaration runs wild this time of the year, so watch out, something just might reach and and grab you!” I am always looking forward to the next scene the next thrill along with the smiles, it keeps me going. Keeping up on things in this economy is pretty tough. I have seen the good times and the bad, today it’s bad. I know times are hard everywhere, this is one of the slowest recoveries I have ever witnessed and remember, I have seen recessions in my time. I just continue hoping for the best and keep the business’s in mind that are failing, my heart goes out to them” adds Wayne

Well that may seem to sum it up but in fact there is so much more to the Wayne & Jackie story. A book someday, perhaps?. It was a pleasure to spend the day with the two of them, they truly fit like a glove. We had many laughs throughout our time together, who wouldn’t, it’s Wayne.  A very inspiring couple in business, a true success story and they are not done yet! I see many more years of the Wayne & Jackie show to come! I look forward to their upcoming games. I had the opportunity to speak with Michael “Nitro” Jensen from Fade to Black,  one of  Wayne’s Worlds home teams. Nitro will be heading up the Dogs of War game as the Mercenaries General against Jake Mays Team Posse as the African General.  I had the opportunity to watch some great paintball during my stay and Fade to Black rocked the field! Check out all of  Wayne’s Worlds upcoming events including the Grand Finale a game not to be missed!

Welcome to the Catshack Hall of Fame two more people whose work and dedication have helped grow paintball in the region in which they live. Thank you Wayne and Jackie Dollack, our newest inductees!

Golden Girl for the Catshack Reports

Sept 10-11 Dogs of War

Oct 20,21,22, 27,28,29 Wayne’s Haunted Trail “not a paintball event”

Dec2-4 Grand Finale ” The Four Horseman”

For more information on this event be sure to visit

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  1. No need to worry Wayne & Jackie, your events are the best …luv ‘em !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Awesome read, Wayne and Jackie are Wayne’s World, I always look forward to playing, and just hanging out with Wayne when I am down in Florida.

  3. It is a honor to play here at waynes world and to have this awsome field as our home base week after week..we take pride in this field and we play hard to represent what wayne dollack and waynes word is !!!! the staff is a great paintball family and i am proud to be a part of it.NITRO AND FADE TO BLACK THANK YOU !! AND WE LOVE YOU JACKIE..And thank you TINA RUZZO for a great paintball write up on a great field and a history of wayne and jackie..

  4. great write up tina!!!!! i am proud to have this field as my home base week after week. why isnt this field a aproved catshack needs to be..

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