Dec 162011

Dec 16, 2011

Denver Co.

Catching up with the one, the only, Montydoom!

The Catshack Reports took some time out of our day to give Douglas “Montydoom” a ring. We wanted to check in with one of our most famous Catshack Hall of Fame inductees, to see how life was treating him these days.. As many are aware Monty suffers from M.S, a chronic autoimmune disease of the central nervous system in which gradual destruction of myelin occurs in patches throughout the brain or spinal cord or both, interfering with the nerve pathways and causing muscular weakness, loss of coordination, and speech and visual disturbances. Monty shares with us, “I have good and bad days but nothing keeps my spirits down. Life is good, my health is up and down but I am happy and this is what counts! I am keeping as busy as I can, working on next years paintball schedule which excites me! I missed the Grand Finale this year in Florida due to my other hobby,, Hot Rodding! Actually, I had a too much fun on the freeway with my Audi  and burnt out my clutch, (laughter) therefore the monies to repair it took me out of the event. Extremely bummed about this one, I was really looking forward to this game as I have for the past 4 years.. I wanted to see Wayne, Blue and the Crew along with many others, but nothing will stop me next year!”

Monty has also taken up working with German Shepard’s, he expresses to us, “This is a great healing method, I have adapted to the lifestyle of training these wonderful animals. Animals of course pick up on human senses and I have learned to pick up on theirs as well. I feel that they keep my spirits up and give me something to look forward to each day! It is a treat to be able to work with such wonderful and loyal Shepard’s!

The Catshack Reports wanted to hear more about this amazing man, we inquired about his inspiration, his endurance and what keeps Monty so very positive.. As I ask these questions, Monty’s voice lights up through the phone lines, and shares with us this,“Tina my inspiration comes from children. My deepest passion is to help them excel. I look back when I was between the age of 10-13 and remember the fun I had, the carelessness of course but the life that was inside of me! I want the same for these children that have disabilities, I  would not want them to miss one second of life and if I can assist with this, then I have succeeded in my life! Everyday I try to throw out affirmations and positive quotes to help people through, maybe we can’t actually see what’s going on in a persons life but if my words can reach just one, I have accomplished my goal. My life coaches and friends have helped me become who I am today, a stronger person that believes in conquering anything life throws my way.. Such mentors as, Blue Hanse, Brian “Moati” Russell, Jim Lively, Gary Baum, Tim Larson, Dan Colby, Guy Cooper and so many more, the list is too long to name them all.. My thanks goes out to each and everyone one of them. I remember when I first met Blue at World Cup. I had just won the Valor award, I think it was the first one ever given, I just had an interview published in a Magazine as well. I walked up to Blue and said, hey, I know you! Blue turns and says, hey, I know you too! Well our relationship began that day, I recall him saying to me,, (laughter) “here let me show you how it’s done!” I actually signed autographs in that Magazine this day and was amazed at how it was done”(grin). I had never expected what was to come in my Paintball career, amazing friendships, Media Photography and an abundance of playing the game we all love! This year I attended LL4 and had the most amazing time, working, catching up with some great friends and lots of laughter! It was a thrill to see so many players with disabilities out on that field, having a blast! Unfortunately after the event I spent a week in the hospital due to vision loss, that was extremely alarming for me! The Doctors administered medication and within 4 days I could see again, I thank God for this.. My prognosis was this, there is no cure , it can come and go, the Doctors said look at this as a side effect, as a sign of  extreme fatigue. The funny thing is, when I am out there I seem to be fine, it usually hits me a week later out of nowhere but I have learned to pay attention and use self discipline which is sometimes hard to do when you are having so much fun!  I take life day by day but look forward to future plans as well, it keeps me going. I can not wait to get back out there in 2012, a very exciting year for me, lots of plans and many fun times ahead!”

The Catshack Reports: What a privilege to go back and speak with Montydoom, this is truly an amazing man, full of force, an inspiration to us all. As he reflects on his life, he sincerely mentions his mentors, I could hear the gratitude in his voice and the excitement he carries while inspiring others himself.. Monty has plans on attending some exciting events in 2012, Spring Castle Conquest, D-Day, LL5 and of course the Grand Finale! Monty actually has put together plans to attend more than the events listed, he would like to do some Vipers games as well as others through out the States. Monty plans on staying busy, ramping up his Hot Rod, training his Shepard’s as well as playing and shooting Media in paintball! We look forward to seeing you at some of these events Monty, keep up the positive energy, your strength and will to help others has certainly surpassed admirable.. Best wishes and take the greatest care!! And thanks for the awesome chat,,, Golden Girl

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