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The Suicide Guys have been absent from the paintball world and many of you want to know what happened, where did they go and why. Well I am going to cover that in this article which chronicles the rise and fall of the owner, JC Leabo. But do not second guess his rise back to the top of his game as he is not one that will ever fail because he will never give up his dream of seeing the Suicide Guys be recognized everywhere in the world of paintball.

A little background on JC Leabo is in order. JC grew up in Highland, Illinois where the population is right around 9,000 people. Highland began as a Swiss settlement and derived its name from German immigrants due to Highland being a sister city of Sursee in Switzerland. A small town of only 6.4 square miles but close enough to the city to give you that suburb feel. He eventually settled in Panama City Beach after parting ways with the United States Air Force after being a active duty member for just short of 11 years. JC served Honorably as a Security Forces Craftsman, which included a tour of duty in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (May 21, 2001– August 24, 2001), Iraq (March 12, 2003 – August 21, 2003), Afghanistan (October 4, 2004 – March 23,2005) and Qatar (March 6, 2006 – September 13, 2006).

With a keen eye for marketing, Suicide Guys founder, JC Leabo made his mark in the paintball industry using professional models and creating promotional imagery to market teams and the gear of companies like Planet Eclipse, Empire, Angel Paintball Sports and Paintball Sports Magazine. JC left the military to continue this vision with the proposal to create an exclusive Playboy branded line of custom paintball equipment, gear, and clothing to be sold in the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom, with additional distribution arrangements servicing all of Europe, Japan, Mexico, South America and much of the Middle East. Just imagine, if you will, little Playboy Bunnies on your gear and the hotness that would be the off field clothing. A great idea in this writers opinion.

On April 28 of 2010 after putting everything he had into marketing this deal, both financially and mentally, JC received a letter that informed him the proposal which had passed the general board was vetoed at the top level. Playboy tends to stray away from any weapons based promotions is the low down that was given to JC.

As I am sure many of you will understand this hurt. It all but wiped out every little bit of capital he had put back into the Suicide Guys, a set back that would crush many companies. But he is not one to just give up and throw in the towel. JC enlisted in the United States Army Reserve on June 29, 2010 but eventually lost his home to foreclosure and had to file bankruptcy not long after. This is still not enough to crush the spirit of this man. He has since started working full time in security and as well as part-time with the Panama City Beach Police Department as an auxiliary officer.

So the Suicide Guys brand is still alive, the group and the ideals that are part of the organization are still there. This is a rebuilding process that can and will succeed with the help and support of you.

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  20 Responses to “Suicide Guys ~ The Rebirth”

  1. Inspirational. It’s good to see that JC hasn’t given up. Best wishes.

  2. Suicide Guys Solano County still here to represent in NorCal,
    Great article and can not wait to share it with others on and off the paintball feild. JC can’t wait to get things rolling again and thanks for what you have done for our country. Keep me I. The loop bro.


  3. Glad to see JC coming back. Good dude, hate to hear about the trouble.

  4. Thank you, thank you for your many tours serving our great country JC! Best wishes to you and your bright future!

  5. This guy is a solder and deserves to be appreciated for what he is doing for the paintball industry. Go Suicide Guys

  6. Anything i hear or read about Suicide Guys i love we are a family we will never give up I’m with you JC to the end…..”Lake County Suicide Guys”

  7. Im sorry to hear about all this. Im glad you are doing better and I wish you luck.

  8. Stay strong, JC! We’re behind you all the way!

  9. Glad to see you fighting your way back to the top, JC. I look forward to cheering for you when you’re standing on the top of your hill, proud and victorious!


  10. Steuben County and hopefully Jefferson County(in the spring time) Suicide Guys will always be here to represent

  11. Glad to see things going again, and JC all your brothers and sisters here on the Polk Co Suicide Guys in Iowa have your pack.

  12. I have to admit, I love being a part of the Suicide Guys and wondered what had happened. JC, the Suicide Guys is quite a family that represents all over, we need to keep this group alive. If I can help in any way, let me know! Here’s to the resurrection of the Suicide Guys!

  13. Dedication. Determination. Survival. Keep up the Fight. Valken is behind you.

  14. I hadn’t heard anything from JC for quite some time and I thought Suicide Guys had gone the way of many teams. This brings new hope to Central Iowa’s chapter!

  15. nice man. i hope to see some new stuff from you soon

  16. JC,

    Its Ice JC, Glad to see your still kicking shoot me a email when you got time.

  17. Hi JC-
    I know you’re going to make a great come back! Can’t wait and hope that Animal gets to be a part of it! We love working with you =) and we missed you man!! Don’t give up!

  18. I had the pleasure of working with Leabo in the security field. Hes a great guy, he has bern through alot but hes a fighter. Keep on fighting man!

  19. Thanks JC for everything you have done. Good luck to you with your next set of challenges.

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