May 312012

During our most recent road trip, The Catshack Reports took the opportunity to make a stop over in Kalamazoo, Michigan and take advantage of a plant tour of the CrossFire HPA Tank manufacturing facility.

While we cannot go in depth due to proprietary laws we can say this much…. WOW! Witnessing first hand how a carbon fiber tank is made was indeed amazing to say the least. CrossFire is one if perhaps the only company that not only makes a great tank but is easily capable of creating one of a kind custom jobs. Teams and individuals can supply CrossFire all manner of logos or designs to be incorporated into an HPA Tank for one of a kind results.

Seeing the tank created from start to finish is a very lengthy process taking upwards of two full days to cure and be ready to ship. With everything from the application of carbon fiber to the core to baking to quality testing to applying a final mirror finish, CrossFire produces some “sick” tanks for paintball use. Further still it was amazing to see the quality testing that these tanks undergo. CrossFire goes above and beyond to supply tanks to the paintball community that are “safe”. I have in my personal possession a tank that was put through rigorous quality testing and purposely filled to over capacity until it burst, all in an effort to see how much the bottle could withstand. We learned that a typical HPA tank is equivalent to two sticks of dynamite should it go off. Thus the real need to A) fill your tank only to the recommended capacity at all times and B) insure it is re hydro as dated on the bottle and C) Never ever put any kind of lube or oil on the tank as that can also cause any HPA tank to explode. While burst disks are installed on a tank to minimize a tank fully blowing, it is best NOT to gamble with it and observe these few simple rules as stated above.

CrossFire also offers re hydro services for ANY HPA Tank, it does not matter who manufactured it, CrossFire is prepared to take your tank and re hydro it. They will not charge until the process is completed and the tank either passes or fails. Going to their website, the paintball community can also print off a $5 off coupon to be applied to the re hydro service.

CrossFire … family owned and operated is a company that cares about the kind of product they make available to the paintball community. Supported by numerous paintball players, CrossFire knows what we want and strive to insure your on the field playing …. safely.

Unfortunately due to strict Canadian importing laws brothers and sisters, CrossFire HPA tanks are not available here in Canada… but anywhere else in the world a CrossFire tank can be gotten. HOWEVER, CrossFire can re hydro a Canadian tank like any other country.

Feel free to visit CrossFire HPA Tanks any time at

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  1. Too bad the import laws won’t let them be sold in Canada. I know they have TC stamps on them, but I don’t know what else is required.

  2. Some bottles have the TC stamp, those are good. The cutstom ones are currently not going to Canada. Be patient.

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