Jul 062012

Empire Paintball has only recently released one of their latest offerings for sale to the general public. The Catshack Reports had the honor of testing/reviewing the EFlex goggles to determine if indeed the product was deserving of all the hype.

Again many like to go through a review to include the packaging. Personally I only care about the product and its performance on the field. Not to get all fancy I am seeking the following when it comes to goggle systems.

  1. No fogging/good air distribution inside the mask
  2. Comfort and fit
  3. Ease to take it apart for cleaning or to replace the lens as necessary

As many already know, The Catshack Reports Paintball News is all about the positive promotion of paintball. Our self imposed rule does not allow for this publication to publish any negatives up to and including reviews of product. If a product falls short of this standard, it simply will not be published, has this happened with some paintball products on the market? Absolutely… if we have nothing good to say, we will say nothing at all! In this case I am pleased to report that the new EFlex system held up to our testing and on some criteria, surpassed our expectations.

The EFlex foam padding around the eyes and nose is very comfortable and helps make a good fit to the face. Despite record heat and intense humidity here, no fogging has been encountered to date… This would be my major pet peeve with goggles, you GOT to be able to see what you are shooting at, it is critical to a good game! The EFlex is relatively simple to disassemble for cleaning and lens replacement. I really like a few other things about the EFlex …. the goggles have a soft flexible ear cover which allows for some bounce should someone take a hit there , but it also allows for great hearing. Hearing on both sides of the sport for both scenario and speedball is critical for both communication and hearing the OpFor approaching through the bush.

Secondly in a rather intense big game recently, I took a round to the mouth guard. In all the mayhem I was really quite surprised to find that the soft rubber mouth guard caused the paintball to bounce off as opposed to me eating a mouth full of paint. My previous goggles served me well and did not fog but had the hard plastic around the chin and mouth. I consider this a great bonus to a well rounded product.

To sum it all up, as a neutral party examining and testing the Empire EFlex goggles, they are hands down a great product. That’s it, that’s all!

If your looking to replace your goggles, which in my opinion is one if not THE most important piece of equipment in your gear bag, the Empire EFlex goggle system is a product well worth the investment for the rest of this season and beyond!

Look for the Empire EFlex on pro shop shelves or have your pro shop order in your goggles today!

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