Jul 122012

July 12th 2011

West Springs, Mass.

Dead Man’s Gear Custom Stand!

The Catshack Reports was able to catch an exclusive! We contacted Dominic Alfano after a birdie whispered in our ear about a custom stand! Well here you have it folks,, a custom Dead Man’s Gear Stand, a one of a kind and a first in the market! Dominic “Owner of Dead Man’s Gear” tells us his story in the making.

Dominic: Of course I already knew about Guru Gunstands as well as the owner Sean Selph through the paintball Industry. I had heard he makes a  great quality product and that he himself had a reputation as positive as his product. The more I get involved with new friends and industry people,  the more his name kept popping up. Whether it was seeing his stands at player camps or facebook posts his stands seem to be every where with a very positive poll.

So here I am thinking to myself,  I want a new product to offer this year,  I want a dead man’s gear stand,  I wonder if it could actually be possible? I rush to message Sean with my mind going 100 mph. “Sean, this is Dominic owner of Dead Man’s Gear, what do you think about cutting me a custom stand with my logo?

Sean: “Well Dominic, I’m not so sure as I have never done one before but let me see what I can come up with for you.”  I wanted to support another independent business person while at the same time, increase my inventory/selection. I’m proud to say that these stands are made by guru, and they will be sold with that name attached. It’s a name that people know and trust, It’s made in the USA, we’ve now gone and added a new (exclusive) shape for paintballers to choose from.

A surprise came across my email 2 days later,  a photo of an amazing stand, an actually Dead Man’s Gear Stand! Needless to say, I can not express the excitement and the appreciation I have for this product and Sean. Guru Gunstands went above and beyond and most importantly, came through for me and my company! Where are we at now you may ask? Stands have been ordered and shipped!

What I  love most about my brand  is meeting everyone and the traveling. Collaboration is a great way for businesses to help each other out and keep things flowing. There’s a lot of people who have been supporting me since day one, they dig the brand, they dig the logo and they will certainly LOVE the DMG Brand made by Guru Gun Stands!

For starters I have one color this is black , as demands flow I will incorporate a variety of colors that will suit all of the paintballers needs. Retail will be $37 you may order online at http://deadmansgear.net/  If anyone knows me they know I am full of surprises and promotions, there just might be a special at my event locations. Perhaps a little surprise at Skirmish Paintball this weekend at the ION game! Let the unveiling of this sexy stand begin!!

The Catshack: I can say this, I stand by Guru Gunstands  and Dead Man’s Gear 100%. As you see in the photos my Marker is sitting on the exclusive and none of the workmanship has been compromised! I have owned and used Guru for well over a year now, a fantastic and durable product, hey it can take my abuse and I am all over the place! I think this is a great step forward in the Industry, working together to make something that paintballers will love! Golden Girl


website: http://deadmansgear.net/

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DeadMansGear

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