Dec 052012

November 29th, 2012 – Hillsboro, Oregon

Crystal DuVall of Gearheadz Paintball, LLC announced today that the small paintball mod-shop has begun production of their first mass-production part. To date the company has been known for their unique one-of-one designs, ability to repair and service a wide range of markers and air systems, and their outreach to educate their local community about paintball as a family sport.

The newly released part, called the Gearheadz Paintball Feed Adapter for Spring Feeds, is designed to allow players to remove the spring-feed from select Empire and BT markers and replace it with commonly used 10-round tubes or classic feed tubes. The adapter brings back the intuitive rock n’ cock style of play familiar to long time pump players. Made in either a simple 10-round tube adapter (cram and jam style feed), or coupled with a classic CCI Phantom feed tube, the adapter makes reloading on the field simple and seamless.

Video of the adapter has been released on YouTube on the GearheadzPaintball channel.

Gearheadz Paintball, LLC opened their doors in 2010 by owners Keith and Crystal DuVall. Originally focused only on doing custom builds for select customers, the company has expanded and now sponsors and promotes several annual paintball events on the west coast. In addition to their website the company also runs a small machine shop and showroom in Hillsboro, Oregon.


For more information, please contact Keith DuVall or Ryan McKee

Gearheadz Paintball, LLC
1960 NE 25th Ave, Suite #21
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124
Tel: 503-547-0888
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