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In recent conversations it was agreed that the youth of today seem to exhibit far more skill and know how in paintball for their ages than even 8 years ago. Perhaps this might be explained in part with the young ones growing up in the sport or for some maybe it is on account of our know how being passed down to the next generations though teachings, whatever the explanation, it was pretty evident at Flag Raiders Paintball TKO 3 vs 3 tournament.

Fully 17 crews appeared to vie for some cash prizes and the title belt for the Rookie Division… the fight was on and what a cage match this was!

The layout was interesting and the bunker placements did not allow players to work the tape line easily. Laning however was easier in my opinion as The Catshack Reports noted several occasions where players were easily picked off right off the break. In some matches the game only lasted less than a minute as the aggressive teams swiftly moved into position and eliminated their opponents. An intermittent snake side did not see as much use as is typical of most tournaments, it was more cans and doritos.

Crazy Bill’s Commandos came out of retirement to get their grind on, while not placing like they may have had there been more practice, they still managed a respectable 12th place spot in the standings. Another team making their debut for the very first time in tournament paintball were the Lethal Ladies. While the girls took some lumps they managed a 15th place spot out of 17 teams, team member Kateya Scanlan mentioned “I actually had a great time, it was even better than playing the average big woodsball game, it was a lot of fun”

Congratulations to Mississauga Hate out of Recon Paintball for their win at the TKO tournament The winning team included players Conor Smith, Cole Symon and Jacob Burden all of whom were pumped about the win. It was a tough road as they battled it out with Triple Threat who were strong in the point spread throughout the day. Young team Classified appeared to compete in the Young Guns Division, when the divisional matches were cancelled due to lack of teams, Classified bumped up and competed in Rookie instead taking a very healthy second place finish.

  • 1st Place – Mississauga Hate
  • 2nd Place – Classified
  • 3rd Place – Triple Threat
  • 4th Place – Coat Hangers of Justice

Speaking with Sarge Morin of “Erin’s Army” competing alongside his team “The Paintball Weazels, Sarge had this to say on the tournament. “Thanks to Flag Raiders for putting on a great tournament. There were a ton of teams today and that was great to see. The sportsmanship exhibited by all the teams was pretty awesome and reaffirmed my personal thoughts on why I started playing paintball. I’m happy with how we played today even though we didn’t make the finals. We had 2 players new to the tournament scene and they did great. Overall a perfect way to end the tournament year. We had fun, made some new friends and shot some paint. Can’t think of anything else I’d rather do on weekends.”

Rob Chartrand in the company of his team “The Kingston Red Dragons (who traveled 3 and a half hours to attend) wrote this on Facebook “Probably one of the most fun days of paintball I’ve had in a while. Finally broke the curse of not making finals at a TKO 3man event. Big thanks to Travis Kropf and Flag Raiders Paintball for another great event, you guys make it worth the trip every time. Also a big thanks to The CatShack Reports for all the photos today!”

Speaking with organizer Travis Kropf, he shared what he considered his play of the day as follows “Top match of the day was the semi final game between Hate and Triple Threat. Both were the top teams heading into the finals and they did not meet in the prelims. Both team rosters are full of super strong, up and coming players. Hate took the match to advance to the finals and end up taking the title and big cash prize.

The talent and sportsmanship was awesome and it was great to see 17 rookie teams enter! We hope to run another in the spring of 2013.

The surprise team of the day was Classified who was a young gun team that made the bump up to Rookie. These guys played with all they had and beat many experienced teams and made it all the way to the finals to finish in 2nd place.

Thanks to everyone who attended and to Tom for attending and continuing to promote the sport we all love so much.”

Overall an enjoyable tournament series that saw players come from across the province. Both the game officials and game coordinator Travis Kropf pulled this one off like clockwork and were very well organized. Everyone that this writer spoke with mentioned they were having a blast … at the end of the day, that’s what paintball is all about isn’t it!

Stay tuned as The Raiders Winter Cup series at Flag Raiders Paintball is all set to begin soon! Check for more details

For the photos … very limited on account of not being allowed to use flash on the field coupled with the dimness of an indoor venue, please see below

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