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Sponsorships: What is a sponsorship, what does it mean to be sponsored, and why would you want them?

First, what is a sponsorship? The dictionary defines “Sponsorship” as “a person who vouches or is responsible for a person or thing”. Most companies have strict criteria for acquiring a sponsorship because they are not only agreeing to support you and your team, they are also making you responsible for how their name or brand is perceived by everyone you encounter. Sponsors want to make sure their reputation will not be negatively affected by bringing you on board.

So what does it mean to be sponsored? Being sponsored says a lot. It takes you and your team from being “just another team” to being a “team with a reputation”. You now have a duty to uphold the reputation of your team and of your sponsors and it’s more important than ever. Every slip of the tongue, every aggressive comment or action, and how each member of your team conducts themselves will play a part in the success or downfall of your team.

You will also be part of a family of paintball teams who share your same sponsors. Maintaining a great reputation and relationship with them is also crucial, especially if they have more experience with the sponsor than you. Listen to their advice and respect it. They are only trying to help and their words of wisdom may save you from making costly mistakes in the future.

Why seek a sponsorship? For some, it’s bragging rights or a status symbol for the team, something that separates a group of friends playing paintball from a team who love the sport and take pride in their teamwork and leadership abilities. For others it’s an accomplishment and the chance to be part of an exclusive club of elite players. Some teams or players seek sponsorships for discounts and other benefits each company has to offer. While this can be a perk, it should not be the primary reason to seek a sponsorship.

However you want to look at it, being sponsored is something to be proud of. It will turn heads at your local fields and create conversation with all the players you meet.

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  1. You will also be part of a family of paintball teams who share your same sponsors. <– No you wont.

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