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Shadow as a paintball company was founded on November 18, 2011 by a girl, who just a few years ago had no idea what this paintball was all about.

Welcome Shadow Paintball Equipment and owner Nathalie Whise to The Catshack Reports Paintbal News. Shadow Paintball Equipment was created with great love and passion for a wonderful man. He instilled that same girl with a passion for paintball. They spent hours on the field,  the sweat poured from their heads. Their evening meetings have also been different. They didn’t go to pubs or to the cinema. They had dates in the workshop.They were cleaning equipment there and making improvements to them. Thinking about how to do something better was very absorbing. Many times they got to sleep on a bed full of markers, regulators and barrels… and earned a few extra bruises ;)

Shadow is a 100% European company. One of the intentions for creating the company was to prove to people that you can make the best quality product with excellent materials without the use of subcontractors in China, Taiwan and Pakistan.

Shadow is also all about keeping the price point on merchandise good for players. This they have done and they are proud of it. Europe is a beautiful place with wonderful, intelligent people, it’s nice to be able work with them so that they don’t have to move away.

Nathalie doesn’t consider herself as a person who has experience in paintball. She is from a family of technologists. Her parents taught her that everything she does has to be simple yet have high quality standards. She added a third adjective: attractive . She work’s this way. Simple, high quality and attractive.

Each of us have different tastes. One prefers steak well-done, another rare and yet another is a vegetarian. Following this line of thought, Shadow supplies the players with something no manufacturer has  given thus far – full customization of the barrel. You can order the barrel with your name, nickname, team name, store name, you can also ask for different colors.

You can have barrel with long or short back, aluminum or carbon fiber, one-piece and two-piece. However, they don’t want to focus only on the barrels. They have a few more interesting projects. One of them, which soon will be on the market, is a high end marker. For Nathalie personally (she’s probably not objective) she fell in love yet again. Keeping with old traditions, she sleeps with this marker almost every night ;)

Shadow will appear this year at the Millennium tournament series. Shadow is also curious about the PSP. If Shadow has enough time, they will book tickets to the United States and see how paintball is in America.

When asked what they foresee for paintball in future, “in 2023 Shadow will play paintball on Mars. It will be necessary to create a new league: Earth Players vs Aliens ;)” says Nathalie.

For more on Shadow Paintball Equipment please visit www.pbshadow.com/

Photos courtesy of Shadow Paintball Equipment

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