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It was a full house for Event 1 of the Raiders Cup Series at Flag Raiders Indoor in Kitchener, Ontario. Young Guns and Rookie Divisions competed in back to back matches throughout the day, Sunday January 13th for the kick off event for the 2013 season.

The Catshack enjoys appearing at the Raiders Cup events to keep the dust off and see some intense competition (and in this case) coupled with some great speedball action. Throughout the day we witnessed some great plays and good aggression.The Toronto teams that appeared for the Young Guns Division including Toronto Force were indeed a force to be reckoned with on the field with some solid talent on the roster. Evident with the big win for their division overall.

The former Young Guns division team “Brantford Stealth” did well in their first outing in the Rookie division. While not taking a podium finish, they still played a strong game. As mentioned in the Catshack video, teams in attendance at Raiders Cup played some awesome speedball. Off the break several crews to include Rampage, Mississauga Hate and others played tight. With the field being so open, teams were able to make their primaries and then resort to some good old fashioned gun fighting. The snake side being short as part of the layout this time out was not often utilized fully with players often halting at the S1 with the exception perhaps of Hate who zipped down the Snake to the 50 and past.

From the sidelines The Catshack watched as Mississauga Hate aggressively dominated the Kingston Red Dragons. With a particularly brutal bunkering of a Dragon player in the snake in one of the final matches of the day, it was clear that Hate meant business!

It was particularly refreshing to see a lot of new talent, especially in the Young Guns Division, come out to compete. Raiders Cup was highly indicative of a healthy speedball scene here in Ontario, hopefully the trend continues with more and more teams trying their hand at competition.

Final Standings

Young Guns Division

  1. Toronto Force
  2. Clean Up Crew
  3. TTB
  4. Petrolia Pirates

Rookie Division

  1. Toronto Rampage
  2. Mississauga Hate
  3. Kingston Red Dragons
  4. Juice Box Hero’s
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