Jan 182013

Jan 15th 2013

Orlando, Fl

The Battle is on!

The Catshack Reports headed out to one of the largest paintball fields in Fl, Battlefield Orlando! Formally know as OCP (Orange County Paintball) A 30 acre field built with huge towers, buildings and forts.

This field caters to the rec and woods ball player with numerous playing zones. My personal favorite is the LZ (LANDING ZONE) A Chopper crashed in this area of the field a long time ago, it has been a unique part of the field every since! You will also have to visit (TIRE CITY) and the (ISLAND) while there. A perfect Scenario field as well, with many wide trails that connect, this allows for some great Tank battles! I personally have played this field many times and I will assure you, if you play it, you will come back for more! The city lay out for rec ball is just amazing. I have spent quite a few days playing right there without even touching the woods.

Owner Allen Fillion co-owner of Hurricane Paintball Park in Palm Bay Fl. is no rookie when it comes to running a successful field and business. Hurricane pulls in consistent players every weekend. A family owned and operated business, they treat their customers as such “Family”  Their number one objective is safety and assuring the players are having a great time, refer a friend and want to return. They are currently working hard at rebuilding some of the features and buildings on the field. I asked Allen when he would be finished with the remodeling, he laughed and said, “Tina when you own a Paintball field you are never finished!”  He added, “We want players to love it here, we want them to have an experience like no other field. We are not looking to bring in the speedballers as the field is not built for that style but we will continue to improve and make this a great experience for all!”

While speaking with Allen he tells me his goal with the field is not like Hurricanes. Allen wants this to be more focused on the woodsballs side. I think he has the right mindset, as I know many local ballers and they love the woods! You could lose yourself on this field with so many areas to play it would take a full day to see and play it all, perhaps you still may miss something and have to come back for more! The pictures of this field can not capture the reality of what it’s like to play it, you just have to get yourself over to Battlefield Orlando and see for yourself! They are also getting geared up for their first Scenario game on May 4-5 Produced by Kerry Griffin (Shadow Wars- The Rebirth Of Gotham) The Catshack Reports is really looking forward to this one!

To sum it up, I had a great time speaking with Allen and walking the field as he shared his ideas. This field is just perfect, the only thing it does not have is a speedball field. As Allen mentioned he is not looking  to create a speedball field but any player is more than welcome to come out and play some rec or woodsball! I look forward to the future of this field, it’s 20 minutes from my home therefore they will certainly see a lot of me!

A few public announcements: I will be planning something unique and pretty Damn great if you ask me :)  on March 10th you will not want to miss this one! Details coming soon so stay tuned! Allen has a 175 party booked on Feb 17th I will be out helping wherever I can and I would recommend the locals to come volunteer some of their time as well!  Thanks for the tour Allen.

Golden Girl, Peace!

For pricing and more info please visit the following sites.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BattlefieldBithlo

Website: http//battlefieldorlando.com/index.html

Hurricane: http://www.hurricanepaintballpark.com/

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