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The Catshack welcomes any and all who go above and beyond to create the best possible media for paintball on the planet. Welcome Tristan Ordas from France, one of the people responsible for a new video of a very special kind. This is no ordinary video either. He and his crew went to work to produce a short film aimed at promoting “Mil-Sim Paintball” across Europe and beyond.

Produced and directed by Eternum Pictures with the logistical support of the MPN (Milsim Paintball Network). The film itself took several months of preparation and is still not fully complete.

The crew did not aim to create just another “holiday memories” movie. Instead the idea was to approach something closer to true cinema. This means: a scenario, a sequence following a logical chronology, with respective roles for each member of the cast and a solid technical background in image capture and sound, compositing, editing and visual decision views.

The original idea came from Tristan Ordas, founder of “Eternum Pictures”. He wanted to produce something more cinematic of paintball. With some staging, photography and soundtrack worked in… it is their hope to reach a wider audience. The aim is to promote MilSim Paintball worldwide.

The official name of this short movie is “Take Off” The entire shoot took place in the center of France, near to Tours at a secret location they call Raccoon. Known to many French players of paintball and airsoft.

“Eternum Pictures” is currently equipped with two DSLR (Digital Single Lense Reflex). This is a Digital SLR cameras (DSLR camera) upscale. They also have a Canon Eos 5D Mk II and 7D customized for video capture.  Shoulder Rigs, steadicam, crane and traveling techniques were all fully utilized for the best possible results.

The people involved in creating the film included

  • Edouard Raynaud : Editor / Writer
  • Maël Fradin : Sound Engineer
  • Jérémy Touzé : Cameraman, Technical Assistant and Fx
  • Mickael Gangate : Assistant camera
  • Florent Lasquellec : Assistant tray
  • Mathilde Fagot : Assistant tray
  • Tristan Ordas: Producer, Director of Photography, color grading and special effects
Several paintball teams  involved were:
  • TCS
  • TMLC
  • SPAS
  • CAP
  • ASLG

Eternum Pictures is far from being done!  For the crew are many other projects in the paintball universe, some are already in progress. But in other universes too. “Eternum Pictures” want to try several different themes to create top notch films.

For the very cool video teaser … see below!

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