Feb 052013

Another fantastic event date to add to our list of good times for 2013. 9 teams came together Saturday February 2nd at Eastie Boyz in Toronto ON for the first installment of the “Art of War” series. An interesting series with the first date a speedball event to be followed by a pump marker only event as well as other speedball dates through March and April.

In this 3 versus 3 event allowing a total of 4 rostered players, the boys came out like bears out of hibernation, all hungry for the win. Several great plays were witnessed first hand to include several epic “players getting totally bunkered” all captured on film as shown in our video below. SAS, the Silent Assassins, an extension of the Toronto based SAS Woodsball crew really brought it up from last year. In February of 2012 the boys were new to speedball and were the epitome of confusion on the field. This year they communicated effectively and owned several of their matches to finish an impressive 2nd overall. It was the SOF team that lead the pack all day long finishing many of their games in mere seconds flat. The final game determining first and second place finish was pretty decisive with a SOF player working his way up the snake to eliminate the final SAS player in the Aztec for the win. Storm Troopers came in 3rd and Lethal Elites got the sportsmanship award to win a marker and pod stand courtesy of Jaz Stands. All of the participating teams were as follows

  • SOF
  • SAS
  • Storm Troopers
  • Lethal Elites
  • Chaotic
  • Burlington Blitz
  • Goon Squad
  • Hooligans
  • H.A.M.J.D

Once again another refreshing factor was the appearance of newcomers to the tournament circuit. Southern Ontario boasts a healthy speedball scene with new generations appearing almost daily based on events the Catshack has visited so far this year. We as players must continue being diligent in promoting the growth of our sport as a community, we’ve no one else to rely on to get the job done!

Eastie Boyz staff to include head ref Dave from Pinnacle Paintball did a bang up job keeping the tournament running like clockwork and insuring the game was properly officiated. A grand total of some 32 games were played leading up to the finals in a round robin format.

For more on Eastie Boyz Paintball please visit www.eastieboyz.com

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