Jul 262013

100_1340 It was a gorgeous day for paintball. Sunny weather, slight breeze, cool temperatures in the shade. Katina “Squeaker” Szilvagyi was there playing at “Soldiers of Fortune Paintball” in Hamilton with the her Dad Joe “Toybax” Szilvagyi and her brother. Just after the lunch whistle was sounded, her father called for her attention and pointed. It took a few seconds for her to realize who it was that was fast approaching.

Members of Blues Crew had arrived with several boxes under their arms. They were here to follow through on their promise to award her with a beginners pack of Paintball gear they had awarded her a month ago at the 2nd annual Canadian Carnage game. This prize pack was an initiative for encouraging young players in Paintball and there was one condition to accepting this award: she must pass on the gear when she upgrades to another deserving beginner.

100_1335After making the sound which is her namesake, she rushed over with several other of her teammates “The Mixed Nuts”. Gary “Goose” Swinfield and Joe “Kernel” Jansen had arrived with her package. First of all they informed the team about the reaction they had received over the award. Several notables commented “You can’t do that…” (Squeakers face immediately showed disappointment.). Then Goose went on to say that everyone wanted to give her NEW gear instead of the standard refurbished gear.

28745_10153072407420096_1381251903_nThe reaction took a few seconds, as they held up the brand new Dye Incision Goggle set supplied by Recon Paintball in Kitchener, courtesy of Sarge Morin of Erin’s Army, her face lit up again. She also received an X-Armor 4×3 Belt Pack for her Paint courtesy of several members of Blues Crew. After several whispers of “Awesome”, the big pieces came. A Tippmann 3000 PSI, 48 cu/in Air Tank, a Red Tippmann T-Shirt and finally, a Tippmann Limited Edition Alpha Black Marker supplied by Tippmann and courtesy Engler Custom Markers Ltd.

It didn’t take long before she had them assembled (with her Dad’s help) and was down on the Chrony range testing our her new kit. She spent most of the afternoon using the new gear and was reportedly tearing up the field.

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