Aug 012013

01“HK ARMY is proud to announce the signing with Professional BMX rider and competitive paintball player KARL POYNTER! Karl is one of today’s top BMX athletes in the world. He’s known for pushing the limits of technical street riding and taking it to new levels. His clean and smooth style on a bike is untouchable.

When he’s not traveling the globe, riding his bike, filming videos, shooting photos, and working on signature products, you can find Karl on the paintball field grinding it out. Karl has competed nationally in NPPL, PSP, UWL, and more. He is one of UWL’s top players and already has wins under his belt in both 5 and 10 man events for this 2013 season!

Dedicated, tons of drive, a positive outlook, and always looking for ways to progress our sport sums up how Poynter is. Karl is the latest addition to the HK ARMY crew and we’re excited to be bringing him into the mix! HHHH!”

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