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IMG_0973-2Excuse me but WOW! … first and foremost a great big round of applause goes out to both Flag Raiders Paintball and BuyPBL. Almost two weeks ago a severe storm such as happened some time ago at one of the major PSP tournaments in Galveston, Texas had blown in and smashed the Raiders field flat. Both Raiders and BuyPBL came together and pulled it out of their proverbial hat getting the damage repaired and the field up and running in time to see Event 3 take place at the field. THANK YOU!

The Catshack observed numerous matches through both Saturday and Sunday as the Elite Division once again clashed in some all out wars. Some of the more epic moments on Saturday included one of the matches seeing Montreal Heat featuring the Houston Heat line up face off with Fredricton Aggression. Out of the gate Fredricton stayed true to their name sake completely shutting down Heat in the first two rounds with such aggression it had onlookers wondering if Heat would survive the match. Survive they did as it soon became a battle of attrition going point for point. Eventually Heat adopted new strategy and broke away to take the lead.

IMG_0796-2The Catshack touched base with Montreal Heat coach Randy Smith regarding Saturdays games. “We did well in our first match versus Kitchener Recon, I have a lot of respect for that team” stated Smith “our Luxes and the G.I paint worked marvelous resulting in a 10-3 point spread and victory” Smith added. The Catshack then inquired about the Heat versus Aggression game … “you really have to play heads up paintball against those guys” said Randy ” they are good strong laners and good at getting to their bunkers, they pretty much ran 4 to 5 guns up off of every point. Yes we had to make a few adjustments on the fly and definitely a strategy in the rotation of our players, you just got to try and match up with your opponent is key. We took some of our Dorito players and threw them back over on the Snake side and tightened things up a little bit. This format allows us to make these kinds of adjustments and make points up when needed, one of the reasons I love this format. Final points on the match were 10 to 5 for Heat … special shout out to young Graham Arnold of the Aggression squad, clearly a talented player who had Heat scrambling to stave off his attacks on more than one occasion

IMG_0764-2Sunday saw some VERY epic moments. Montreal Heat faced off with Drummondville Daytona. The round played out pretty much as everyone thought it would with the freight train that is Heat rolling over them on the road to NAX. Once finished Heat immediately flew out to PSP California to start their training on Monday, good luck boys!

The biggest surprise of the tournament came with the second last Elite match up of Event 3. Underdogs Toronto Rockstar versus Kitchener Recon took the field. Going in I heard from a number of sources that the likelihood of a Rockstar win was very remote. Recon with a roster of strong veteran talent would be more than a match for the Rockstar camp. As the round began it was interesting to see both Tom Guest and Wes Elliot new to the Rockstar roster this year taking lead roles in some of the Rockstar plays. Rockstar throughout managed several penalties both major and minor, at one point seeing three players serving in the box, yet both Guest and Elliot held off the Recon crew and even managed to score a point or two despite these drawbacks.

IMG_0729-2The final minutes of the game were insane. At one point Recon swung back to close the gap on points only to see Rockstar once again move forward to eliminate Recon players and take their lead back. Screams and shouts out of the Rockstar pits was likely heard clear over to the nearby water park.

The Catshack touched base with both Rockstar coach Dave Chong and #7 Tom Guest … “this wasn’t unexpected” coach Dave immediately chimed in “we knew we could beat Recon from the get go, we were fairly evenly matched and very close in caliber” Dave went on to say. Tom Guest pulled a lot of points for Rockstar, with a strong background in tournament paintball he and Wes both were a welcome addition to the crew this year. “Having both Tom and Wes were keys to our win today” coach Chong stated summing up the win “Wes and I have played together before on several occasions and we work together and mesh well”  Tom added. As the dust settled Rockstar took home the win 9 to 6 … the win translates into moving on to the NAX finals, a real jaw dropper!

Perhaps some of that positive karma that Joe Barrett (guesting with the team) brings with him everywhere he goes also played a big part in the win, just sayin!

Over and above the Rockstar vs Recon game, it was interesting to see London Vicious with Matt Sossoman on board. Much like Heat the team sliced through all three of their matches to emerge undefeated in E3.  “Update day three of CXBL trip. The only Moose I saw was on my jersey. We won all our matches and will be playing NAX in Ottawa.” stated Matt on his Facebook page.

Overall a solid weekend of paintball and some interesting developments for 2013!

Stay tuned, a full writeup all about who this years Miss Catshack 2013 (Kate Peer) is and what shes all about is coming next!

As always Catshack photos are FREE …. please do not tamper with any of our photos or the watermark.

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