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What’s Happening This Month

The Catshack has been booked solid for months and this month is no exception. CXBL, ESPL, Wasaga Beach and the list goes on!. If you see our jersey be sure to stop and say hello! More announcements to follow!

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Claws for a Cause
CXBL Event III - 2014
Wasaga Beach Paintball - Special Bulletin
Canadian Carnage III
Paintfest UK
Thin Air Sports ~ Zealot
ESPL E3 2014
Sheriff`s Camp
The Northern Alliance is coming!
PSP Chicago 2014
Event Coverage
Claws for a Cause

Claws for a Cause

Early in the season The Catshack out for a rec day at Crazy Bills Paintball stopped to speak with fellow cat personality Tom Poh as he was teching his paintball marker. Those who know this cat, know how much I like to jab and poke my friends and fellow paintballers. So the smack talk began [...]

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CXBL Event III - 2014

CXBL Event III – 2014

This past weekend saw the final event for central teams in the CXBL, and what an eventful weekend we had. With a super crazy thunder storm visiting the event mid afternoon on Saturday, causing flooding and games to be cancelled,  FlagRaiders staff alongside  CXBL staff worked late into Saturday night to make sure the event could resume Sunday morning. Editors [...]

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Canadian Carnage III

Canadian Carnage III

Have to admit I am just a bit astounded that an entire battle would break out and have all these Americans crossing our border …. all over a simple Canadian delicacy that of course being our Canadian bacon. Mind you through all of my travels (of which I have had a few) , I have yet [...]

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Area's of Interest

Mods and Tech Advice

  • J-Dawg Customs in da house!
    J-Dawg Customs in da house!

    Paintball is a fashion show! There I said it. Yes, I know it is a sport of shooting each other a sort of chess with a piece of mechanical marvel that allows you to send a gelatinous ball across the [...]

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Pink Paint

  • Paintball. A Girl's Perspective.
    Paintball. A Girl’s Perspective.

    My first experience or even knowledge that paintball existed was when I was 16, so that was 15 years ago.  I was in college and a friend of mine had a trip organized in her engineering class. As I had [...]

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Press Releases

  • Z2 Loader - White now released
    Z2 Loader – White now released

    Empire Z2 Loader SE KEE Action Sports is proud to announce the release of the Empire Z2 Loader SE in a White color. Please call your Sales Representative for product details and to place your order. Z2 Loader SE  White [...]

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Product Reviews

  • Dye Ultralight Pants Review
    Dye Ultralight Pants Review

    After several months of wear, I feel we can now speak intelligently on the latest Dye Ultralight Pants to hit retail shelves. We acquired our pair of pants at the 2013 PSP World Cup in Florida. The pair we settled [...]

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Tips and Tactics

  • Project K
    Project K

    Project K is an online training system that has been custom built to allow interaction between the coach and the individual or team to progress them in the correct way and as fast as possible. With that all in mind, [...]

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Tomcat's Corner

  • Wasaga Beach Paintball - Special Bulletin
    Wasaga Beach Paintball – Special Bulletin

    As Canada’s biggest game of the year draws near … the Catshack has learned of a recent development that will make this years installment a little more special.  For many years now Larry and Christine Brownridge, Wasaga Beach Paintball managers, [...]

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