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The reason for the Catshack is to supply another media location for paintballers to come and not only read what is written here but to comment and be interactive. The Catshack is to serve as another source for paintball news that is open to all paintball enthusiasts globally. Please note that The Catshack is here for anyone and everyone with newsworthy items that are paintball related they wish to broadcast to the community and this readership. In my personal opinion there is nothing wrong with an individual or team sending along something to be published on the world wide web regarding paintball activities or successes. Also it is our desire to represent paintball here, not just Speedball or Milsim/Scenario paintball…paintball.  It is our hope as time progresses that the community appreciates the content found here and makes The Catshack a usual location to surf through on the www. We welcome everyone’s input and again should anyone have anything they would like to submit we would be more than happy to include it in the daily “Catshack Reports” and will include the authors name etc (please note any and all submissions are subject to approval and editing by the administrators of this site)

Please direct all submissions to catshackreports@gmail.com for our review

Thanks and please stop by often

Tom “Tomcat” Cunningham, Tina “Golden Girl” Ruzzo,  Kelly and Matt Wical, Michael Soenning and Brandon Blouin 

All submissions and the opinions expressed therein are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Catshack Reports Paintball News. The Catshack Reports does wish to see anyone and everyone with positive paintball news take advantage of the exposure to the paintball community that can be had with our publication.

Thank you

The Staff

tomcatLogoTom “Tomcat Cunningham – Editor and Chief

Welcome to the Catshack, my name is Tom “Tomcat” Cunningham, avid paintball player for the past 21 years. Over the years I have, with the help of others, founded our own paintball team known as The Glen Morris Mercenaries (now retired from the team).

Since that time we have grown and gone on to work towards ideas that will assist in maintaining the longevity of paintball. We have instituted such things as children’s programs whereby we as a team attend our sponsors field to instruct kids 10-14 years of age how to play paintball as an introduction to the sport and include much discussion on paintball markers and responsibility in each and every session held. Other achievements also include having been recognized by both our local member of parliament and member of provincial parliament for numerous charity work within our community here in Canada.

We have participated in the creation, marketing and implementation of charity games for such charities as The Children’s Wish Foundation, Cystic Fibrosis of Canada, The United Way as well as our local SPCA among others and have participated in raising approximately $32500 since 2007. We are not alone, suffice it to say many other paintball teams/individuals have raised thousands and thousands of dollars across North America all for good causes.

Photo by Katie Tucker of Sweetness Photography

Tina “Golden Girl” Ruzzo – Writer

My journey started a long time ago it seems, 1995 Wayne’s World Finale, first Paintball game I had ever attended. Quite intimidated I must say. Here I was, 115 pounder standing amongst 1,200 players or so with markers, custom jerseys and teams, big teams. Well needless to say I wanted to run and run fast. I had a new Automag only shot twice, by me of course.. Well the compliments came flying in regards to my skill with a Marker therefore my anxiety started to settle. I hit the field and never looked back!

I fell in love with the game, the concept and the adrenaline. So my love for paintball has never died. Today I travel fields and participate in Scenario Events. Whenever and wherever I can. I felt fields needed some help in promoting their events so I took it upon myself to give back and help in anyway that I can. As the writer of the Respecting Paintball Pledge

I have a responsibility to stand by it always. And it goes like this.


copyrights Tina Ruzzo/ Golden Girl

It is my pleasure to begin new journeys with The Catshack Reports. I look forward to meeting new faces, speaking with new people and sharing what you have to offer to this community.

I will see you in the Reports!

Golden Girl Respecting Paintball

email: tinaruzzo@yahoo.com


Kelly Wical – Writer

I’ve been playing paintball for only a short time – mostly as an activity so that I can spend time with my 13-year-old son, Matt. We have always tried to find fun things to do together – such as 8 years of martial arts where we have become black belts and instructors together. We are now having lots of fun not only playing paintball, but also by writing about our experiences. We get the word out to other parents and kids about the tremendous character benefits that come from the sport. I hope to provide insightful articles about the experiences I have with Matt as we do this together, with a focus around safety and the life values we learn.

Matt Wical  – Writer

Paintball is like a real life video game, only way better because you get to be the character in it. I have made many friends in paintball. I also want to keep learning so that I can not only play but be a general and command the games. Writing articles for Catshack makes playing more fun by helping others learn how to do things I have the opportunity to do. I like to write about how kids can participate more in big games, learn strategy, tactics and how to command. Maybe this will be the real video games someday.

Michael “Onkel” Soenning – Writer

My name is Michael ‚Onkel‘ Soenning from Germany and during 2013 I will be writing for THE CATSHACK REPORTS about the events I am visiting across Europe. In my former life I was  a manager at international companies like Honeywell, Nintendo and Sony. This time is over! Now at the age of 45 being a father of 3 kids and a happily married man, I am 100% into paintball, patches and traveling to events almost 12months a year and loving it! How does this work? I don’t know but somehow it does!

Well, besides being the team captain of the official German TIPPMANN team: ”DIE SILBERRUECKEN”, (“THE SILVERBACKS”), I am also owner of patch-werk, the company for exclusive custom-crafted team patches as well as our own creation of 3D rubber patches, available in several countries across the world. Come and visit me on facebook or on www.patch-werk.com

I fell in love with paintball about 8 years ago and it didn’t take long before most of my good friends joined me. We met Paul, Irving and Brent from Tippmann at our “home turf” in Veckring and one thing led to another – the chemistry worked so since that day we are proudly holding up the TIPPMANN-brand. Together with my team I’ve seen a lot of great European paintball-fields in France, England, Poland and Germany, however there are still many fields in Russia, Portugal and even in France and England I want to travel to. We are fans of Shoreline, we love Veckring, can’t wait to visit North vs. South in the UK and also Paintugal in the next years to come!

Besides: It is nice to know Greg Hastings, A TRAIN, Tha Wolf, Col Mustard, Chris Pfeiffer, Steve Stacker Harrison, Todd and Joe from BTB, Sarge and Erin Morin, Tina and so many cool people from Canada and the USA, (most of them through Facebook), however I so much would like to travel across this big blue water to meet all of you in one big “playground”!

Why I love paintball? Great people, great hobby and getting dirty – what’s not to love?

 Brandon Blouin – Speedball Correspondent

I was born and raised in West Palm Beach, FL. That’s right, a Florida native and a dying breed among the hordes of tourists and snowbirds that flock here to the warmer weather. I started playing paintball at age 14 in the woods with the family that lived next door to me. On a summer Sunday in 2001 I had discovered these peculiar looking balls full of paint and heard popping sounds off in the distance, so I questioned my neighbors about what they were doing. I got invited to play with them and their friends the following weekend and I have been absolutely hooked on paintball ever since!

Paintball is now my lifestyle. By 2004, it had become more than a hobby for me; I wanted to compete and started playing tournaments. I have played in major tournaments of the NPPL and the PSP circuits, as well as countless regional tournaments like the Central Florida Paintball Series and the old PMI series. In 2009 I was out of a job, and got the opportunity to work at my local field, and by the following year I was able to open a gun repair shop onsite. Paintball has given me everything that I hold dear. It’s why I have traveled the country, it’s how I’ve made so many friends, and now it is why I have started to write about my experiences.

Justin “Shades” Bowen – Web Security Consultant / Server Administrator

Over the years of playing, you meet a good amount of good people. These people are the ones who truly are trying to make the world a better place, and work hard to make it such. It’s the reason they do what they do, no matter how time consuming, painful, or costly.  I have always striven to be one of those people, as a military service member, as someone who has started multiple not-for-profits, and,  as of late, with me taking over a RC role in Valken Corps. I love the sport of paintball, and I think it’s great anytime I see someone else working hard to provide a service to people to make the sport better. This is is why I am honored to be apart of Catshack Reports.


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  1. Thanks for your efforts in keeping the sport alive and well!

  2. Keep up the great work!!!! GenXGlobal products rock! We have been using their pods for years and won’t use anything else. They are top notch quality and last forever!!!!!

  3. Hi man I was just wondering if you did any coverage in st.catharines

  4. It was wicked to meet you this weekend at Castle Conquest Paul. And Tom, always a pleasure….

  5. looking for any pics of lunchbox—or point blank ? we camped near you

  6. Thanks Courtney.

    Point Blank, not sure if we got any pictures of Lunchbox or not. There was so many people and so much paint in the air it is hard to tell who is who half the time.

  7. Hey!
    I was wondering when you were going to have your next Miss catshack? I just found out about this awesome contest and I am interested in participating in this next time! :)

  8. I’m the team captain for a young fresh paintball team looking for sponsors. We participated at Fulda Gap in Taylorsville, NC this past weekend and aided in the “10th Special Forces Group” earning the Most Valuable Team award by the NATO Forces and “Best Sportsmanship” award by the Warsaw Pact. Any advice?

  9. Just found out last night that their is a FalgRaiders Paintfest on Sunday April 29, 2012. Hope to see you there. I also noticed that you have a program that helps young new players to the game, i believe that is awsome. Giving them the knowledge of playing a game that is exciting and never the same twice. I respect you and your helpers even more then i did before. Keep up the work and hope to see you at future events.


  10. Just wanted to say MEOW and a big THANK YOU for doing what you do TomCat! Thank you for bringing us the latest Paintball news and making ALL of us Paintballers look like pros! lol seriously though thank you for everything you bring to our great sport!

  11. Hey Tomcat, been awhile watch out my boys are starting out this year!!!!!!

  12. <3 that catshack report each week

  13. sorry for the lack of stories guys it winter and you know to cold to play paintball. ;(

  14. is there any active paintball association in the USA?
    it seems nothing current…?

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