Jul 292014

IMG_8766Have to admit I am just a bit astounded that an entire battle would break out and have all these Americans crossing our border …. all over a simple Canadian delicacy that of course being our Canadian bacon. Mind you through all of my travels (of which I have had a few) , I have yet to find a country that is able to match the taste and quality of our bacon. Perhaps we as Canadians take something so delicious for granted like the Floridians might their sunshine and beaches while we freeze here in the depths of winter. Personally I am not sure what I might do if anyone were to try and take our bacon away, guaranteed it wouldn’t end well! Continue reading »

Jul 252014

IMG_7745The Thin Air Sports Zealot

Thin Air Sports (TAS) was born from the ashes of First Endeavor Paintball (FEP) back in 2007. Erik Ginorio and Andy “Ydna” DuBuc, the co-founders of TAS, had designed the K1 marker for FEP that was planned to be their new flagship model. Unfortunately FEP shuttered its doors in 2008 and the gun never saw a single paintball.

The guys decided to take their work and to keep going with it, and in 2009 Thin Air Sports was launched. It took 4 years of R&D to reach the point where their marker would finally do what they wanted, which brings us to today. Continue reading »

Jul 232014

IMG_7741The Catshack hit the field for the ESPL event 3 of the series last Sunday, July 21st, 2014 at Flagswipe Paintball outdoor near London ON. This would be a series that never fails with enough intense speedball action to make it more than worthwhile for someone looking to capture some good photos of players in action.   Continue reading »

Jul 142014

kelly and mattThree years ago, when my dad and I first started playing paintball, our first game was down in Florida, where we met Tina “Golden Girl” Ruzzo. Golden Girl asked me what I did besides paintball, and I told her about my Tae Kwon Do. So after a while of talking and playing paintball, she decided to give me a t-shirt that said … Respecting Paintball … I liked this t-shirt, first because it was black, and secondly because it had the same characteristics as my Tae Kwon Do.  She then wrote an article for Catshack Reports comparing paintball and martial arts. I just got back from “Sheriff’s Summer Boot Camp”, and realized that there are not only a lot of similarities between paintball and Tae Kwon Do, but they really helped me out in the boot camp. Continue reading »

Jul 112014

Collage - kopie - kopie There are few things more powerful than a group of dedicated paintballers. Banding together with the intent to accomplish their collective goal, they are nearly unstoppable. We here at The Catshack Reports have seen it time and time again. When paintballers work together as a team their resources and opportunities expand exponentially, their resolve is hardened when they have their comrades at their side and behind them. Whether it’s a day at the local field, or a cross country trip to a big event, things are more fun when you work with a team. Recently we have been made aware of a truly remarkable paintball alliance, one that brings over 50 players of different countries, language, and creeds to play, party, and fight together.  We have seen few if any that have done all that as well as The Northern Alliance.


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Jul 102014

1The third stop on the PSP circuit was held in Joliet, just outside of the windy city of Chicago, Illinois. This four day event has been held at this location for a number of years and as usual, the forecast was promising for bad weather. Just days before the tournament started, the skies were thick with rain, wind, and the piercing sound of the tornado alarms. Thankfully, no cyclones came to visit during the event, but the thunderstorms sure did. The grounds didn’t stand a chance, turning from grassy on Thursday to sloppy, muddy slush by Sunday. Though these conditions added to the difficulty of the overall competition, the teams stepped up to the challenge. No matter what colors they wore when they arrived on Thursday, those who made it onto past the first two days left brown and dirty! Continue reading »

Jul 042014
IMG_1003The CXBL was back at Commando paintball in Ottawa this past weekend for Event 2 Border Battle, this awesome event never fails to amaze.The Elite division was back playing at Border Battle with many top teams have pro players onboard, to make a very exciting season, this year teams Revo, Heat, Vicious and Genesis looking to come out on top.

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Jul 032014

IMG_7347The Catshack Reports had the honor of joining none other than Oliver Lang of San Diego Dynasty for another one of his fantastic clinics. Oliver Lang, top point scorer in the PSP League for 2013 hit Crazy Bill’s Paintball located just outside Brantford ON with a single purpose, to educate the youth.  Continue reading »