Mar 122014

1970595_824159014267614_579204168_nAn entire weekend of paintball hosted at a real amusement park? Better yet, an entire theme based off the movie “Zombieland”. Our friends with Goldfish 69 Photography gave the Catshack the goods on an epic journey in the UK and the game that was ZOMBIELAND – 2014 Continue reading »

Jan 312014

UWL_Cali_2009Last weekend the 2014 UWL season kicked off at SC Village in sunny Corona California. The two day event brought in the largest turnout in UWL history of 20 teams across the 5 divisions offered between the 5 man and 10 man formats. The event had two fields; one for 5 man and one for 10 man and many players got the chance to play both formats and fields. This event also was the premier of the new Professional 5 man division. Continue reading »

Dec 172013

ww1There would be know better way to express my experience at The Grand Finale, other than WOW! It truly is a grand time every year. Teams, vendors and players travel from across the nation to hit up this event! This year I consumed my time playing on this awesome 60 plus acre field. The field offers over 16 areas of play to satisfy any baller! As always, a great opportunity shooting alongside some of the best ballers in the game! Continue reading »

Dec 112013

DSC07016UK Scenario National Paintball Awards – 2013

Saturday 1st December

So… Here we are again reporting (HA!) for the mighty Catshack Reports. This time we were not hunkering down beside some paint covered bunkers, up to our knees in paintballs and trying to duck paint as we try to take photographs. This time we are dressed as the antithesis of a paintballer. We are in smart formal wear, shirt and tie and ballgown (not me you understand .. I don’t wear the dresses…) So what gives? Continue reading »

Nov 272013

IMGP7646PALS Asia World Cup 2013


15th November – 17th November

We met Tom “Tomcat” Cunningham at the Tippmann Challenge UK scenario game held at Holmbush Paintball at the start of the year. Not long after he called us and asked “hey Guys!, can you go to Malaysia and take some photos for me… it will be fun”. Six months later here we are! Or rather, there we were. We are back now, sitting in front of our computers looking at and editing over 7000 photographs of in game play and off field shots of all the players that attended the 2013 PALS World Cup.  Continue reading »

Nov 212013

1424392_539694226108004_926840924_nThe Catshack Reports touched base with none other than well known celebrity “Survivorman” Les Stroud for his personal experience at this years Fulda Gap Scenario …. grab a coffee and pull up a chair. Continue reading »