The One

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Sep 262014

D2H_2966What a strange season as it relates to the weather! High winds and clouds of dust on Saturday and a bit of a monsoon Sunday morning wreaked havoc with the vendor tents and threw a minor monkey wrench into some of the plans, nothing that could not be overcome however. Continue reading »

Sep 122014

10645201_10152675752560259_6410112085329742088_nAZTEK and the Divas Del paintball  in Panama!

Who are the Divas del paintball?
The Divas (<>) are a newly formed women’s paintball team from Panama who participate in several Speedball and Woodsball events around the globe, including the UWL (Ultimate Woodsball League) (<>). Continue reading »

NAX 2014

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Sep 102014

IMG_6889The time had finally arrived …… NAX the finals 2014, Canada’s premier paintball tournament that is the North American XTreme Paintball League! 

The weather came to,  a mini tornado hit on the Friday that did some damage to the field, thankfully and as always PBL and field staff did an amazing job to make sure the event ran seamlessly. Saturday kicked off with pouring rain, seems like the events were cursed this season with adverse weather conditions. Sunday was far kinder and the sun was out for the final games. Continue reading »

Aug 112014

Field owner Carl Ethridge (right) presenting the check to the SPCA

Early in the season The Catshack out for a rec day at Crazy Bills Paintball stopped to speak with fellow cat personality Tom Poh as he was teching his paintball marker. Those who know this cat, know how much I like to jab and poke my friends and fellow paintballers. So the smack talk began … “there is only room in this litter box for one of us” I quipped. Continue reading »

Aug 062014
IMG_9517This past weekend saw the final event for central teams in the CXBL, and what an eventful weekend we had. With a super crazy thunder storm visiting the event mid afternoon on Saturday, causing flooding and games to be cancelled,  FlagRaiders staff alongside  CXBL staff worked late into Saturday night to make sure the event could resume Sunday morning.

Continue reading »

Jul 292014

IMG_8766Have to admit I am just a bit astounded that an entire battle would break out and have all these Americans crossing our border …. all over a simple Canadian delicacy that of course being our Canadian bacon. Mind you through all of my travels (of which I have had a few) , I have yet to find a country that is able to match the taste and quality of our bacon. Perhaps we as Canadians take something so delicious for granted like the Floridians might their sunshine and beaches while we freeze here in the depths of winter. Personally I am not sure what I might do if anyone were to try and take our bacon away, guaranteed it wouldn’t end well! Continue reading »

Jul 232014

IMG_7741The Catshack hit the field for the ESPL event 3 of the series last Sunday, July 21st, 2014 at Flagswipe Paintball outdoor near London ON. This would be a series that never fails with enough intense speedball action to make it more than worthwhile for someone looking to capture some good photos of players in action.   Continue reading »