Jan 212014

unnamed (3)RPL Becomes First APL Affiliate League

Oceanside, Calif. – January 20, 2014 – Today the APL announces a partnership with the Regional Paintball League (RPL) to become the national league’s first affiliate league. Formed in 2010, the RPL has grown to become the regional tournament circuit of choice for paintballers on the West Coast! Continue reading »

Jun 062012

Today The Catshack Reports Paintball News touches base with Nick Sobolev, one of the men behind paintball and some of the biggest one day paintball games on the planet . Nick organizes big games in the former Soviet Republic of Russia that sees as many as 3500 players appear for one massive game. The props and use of pyrotechnics that accompany theses games are unreal according to Gary Baum of paintballphotography.com who just returned a couple of weeks ago from a big game in Moscow. Continue reading »

Mar 252012

Today the Catshack Reports has the pleasure of sharing our interview with none other than Mr. Kevin Donaldson, Team Captain of the Master Blasters, long time paintball enthusiast and esteemed member of the Old Guard. The Catshack burned up the phone lines with Kevin from his residence in New Jersey. Pull up a chair, pour yourself a coffee and read on. Continue reading »

Feb 182012
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Feb 20 2011


An interview with “Deuce” from Blues Crew!!

The Catshack Reports sat down with this incredibly talented man, Chris Hanse “Deuce” from Blues Crew Paintball Media. We were in fact able to capture an astounding side of Deuce, one that is inspiring and most stimulating to the Paintball community.. Continue reading »

Jan 272012

The Suicide Guys have been absent from the paintball world and many of you want to know what happened, where did they go and why. Well I am going to cover that in this article which chronicles the rise and fall of the owner, JC Leabo. Continue reading »

Dec 162011

Dec 16, 2011

Denver Co.

Catching up with the one, the only, Montydoom!

The Catshack Reports took some time out of our day to give Douglas “Montydoom” a ring. We wanted to check in with one of our most famous Catshack Hall of Fame inductees, to see how life was treating him these days.. Continue reading »

Sep 302011

DDay Adventure Park in Oklahoma is well known as the home of the biggest paintball game in the world. The Catshack Reports loves nothing more than to touch base with all of the people that drive the event and make it all that it is today.

As the huge scenario event ramps up to its 15th Anniversary, the Catshack Reports touched base with the man behind the command of the German Contingent for DDay, Mr. Andy Wofford from his home in Joplin Missouri. Continue reading »

Sep 052011

Wayne “The Mastermind of  “Scenario Games” along with the woman behind the business Jackie!

Our interview with Wayne and Jackie Dollack, field owners of Wayne’s World of Paintball, direct from Ocala, Florida

Wow, where should I begin?  I will start by saying this, Wayne and Jackie are a couple like no other!  Wayne the “Mastermind of  Scenarios” played his first game in 1984 at Survival Zone. He held the first Grand Finale in 1992  then went on to open his own field in 1995 commonly known as Wayne’s World.  Wayne and Jackie have not stopped since that very first game! Wayne is known for his superior creativity in Scenario games.  I got the opportunity to spend the day with the two of them, a Sunday at Waynes World! It was the perfect opportunity to see them both in a most resplendent way. Continue reading »

Aug 192011

Juan “Beatle” Parke takes the reins as DDay SAC

From his home in New Orleans, Louisiana USA,  the Catshack Reports burned up the phone lines with none other than Juan “Beatle” Parke, newly appointed Supreme Allied Commander for the Allies for DDay 2012. This was no small interview as those closest to Juan know him to be a complex individual, a multi faceted person with exemplary organizational skills. Continue reading »

Aug 182011

Borg Tek – 1976-2011

The Catshack felt it only fitting to honor the memory of Borg Tek today by re publishing our interview with him from October of 2010

Welcome Borg of YouTube fame to the Catshack Reports Paintball News. Today we are pleased to present a rather in depth interview with the man that has brought the paintball world some pretty amazing video footage of some pretty hardcore paintball games played overseas. Continue reading »