Jan 032014

JDL LogoPaintball is a fashion show! There I said it. Yes, I know it is a sport of shooting each other a sort of chess with a piece of mechanical marvel that allows you to send a gelatinous ball across the field. But in recent years players want to look good while playing so gear has to be pretty, custom markers are the norm. So with players wanting custom gear companies have sprung up everywhere offering custom guns, jerseys, etc. One piece of gear has been left out, the most important safety feature in the sport has not had much in the way of customization.

Until now! Continue reading »

May 252012

When I first started this project I did not know how much work and fun it was going to be.

Let me say that again. . . . I didn’t know how much work it was going to be.

Measurements were crucial to getting it right. Although the project appears to be the original height, width and length, each dimension is smaller by some feet.

I really began to appreciate the design and genius behind the original aircraft after starting the layout and wondered if the engineers who put their heads together went through as many trial and errors as I did before they got it right. Continue reading »

Jan 062012

The Catshack Reports touched base with Ray “Chesire” Laskowski on his creation that brought kudos and recognition from many others as the Milsim Empire’s “Marker of the Year”. Every month the forum hosts a contest and modder’s submit their photos of their latest and greatest creations. For 2011 it was Chesire’s “Bizon” modification that took the title of “Marker of the Year”. Continue reading »

Oct 032011

In this game we see a lot of customization, that little extra oomph to make you different or stand out from the rest of the crowd. Since I have not been able to play in quite some time I tend to go through my gear and remember the good old days. I saw my JT Flex goggles and thought, hmmm, what can I do to make these better suit me… Continue reading »

Jul 202010

paintball-mask-hit-main_FullTool Kits & Preventative Maintenance

“Awe, Crap my screw fell out.” That’s what happened to a player at the charity game last weekend. One of the screws holding his drop forward had worked it’s way out and his tank was turning from side to side. Luckily I had some electrical tape to provided a quick fix, but he no longer had a stable shooting platform. Continue reading »

Jun 162010

Dave Voortman of Flasc Paintball shares one his latest innovations, an adapter to allow a TM7 series Rip Clip to fit onto a Tippmann X7 or X7 Phenom.

Dave is always looking for products to design and create giving his customers means to modify their markers in a variety of ways. The following are the specifications and a description of his latest work courtesy of Dave himself. Continue reading »