Jul 252014

IMG_7745The Thin Air Sports Zealot

Thin Air Sports (TAS) was born from the ashes of First Endeavor Paintball (FEP) back in 2007. Erik Ginorio and Andy “Ydna” DuBuc, the co-founders of TAS, had designed the K1 marker for FEP that was planned to be their new flagship model. Unfortunately FEP shuttered its doors in 2008 and the gun never saw a single paintball.

The guys decided to take their work and to keep going with it, and in 2009 Thin Air Sports was launched. It took 4 years of R&D to reach the point where their marker would finally do what they wanted, which brings us to today. Continue reading »

Jun 162014

downloadThe Catshack Reports AND as a member of the board is very pleased to announce this years winners of the Bob Gurnsey Paintball Scholarship awards. These scholarships help offset the high cost of education for first year students attending post secondary institutions here in North America… all in the name of paintball and one of its founders, how cool is that! Continue reading »

Jun 112014

PANTS custom harlequinCarbon nanotubes in Shadow’s pants

Shadow have decided not to follow the expected trend when designing their paintball clothes, and are doing something that no other company have done to date. In the most vulnerable areas of our pants, subject to usual tearing or rubbing, we will be using carbon nanotubes embedded in the material. Continue reading »

Jun 032014
honorcore-scarabPRESS RELEASE
June 1, 2014


Effective June 1, 2014, HonorCore Industries will be officially taking over all product sales, servicing and marketing for Scarab Arms LLC in the US and Canadian market. While the Scarab Arms site will still be operational, all sales and service will be handled by HonorCore directly. Continue reading »

May 152014


May 15, 2014 – GOG PaintballTM is joining forces with Flag Raiders Paintball Games to provide direct shipment to Canadian customers.

GOG Paintball is freeing its Canadian customers from international shipping fees, import duties and customs problems. Continue reading »

Apr 212014

1977236_283928135105204_403764985_nPittsburgh Torture has been slowly trying to rebuild the sport of paintball in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area along with the help of local fields. We have built up a team of family and friends and want to expand our brand with an all female team. The Torture Girls will be a tournament team but not limited to just speedball.

As with our existing team we play paintball, no matter what version that is. We dabble in tournament ball, scenario and woodsball. If it is paintball we will play it with an emphasis on fun. Winning is always fun but when we do not succeed by making it to a podium we progress as a family unit.

If you are a lady baller and want to come try out for the team please let us know. You can email us direct at PittsburghTorture@gmail.com or message us on Facebook. (Pittsburgh Torture)

Lets bring Pittsburgh back to the forefront of paintball!