Aug 152012

Aug 13th 2012

Part III

Safe/Staging Areas

KELLY: One of the proudest moments I have had was while judging a karate tournament, one of the masters (very high rank black belt, school owner, and promoter) came up to me and told me that he needed to have someone take my place as the judge. I thought ‘great, I have really screwed this up somehow’  He took me aside and said this, Continue reading »

Oct 272010

If you have been involved in the sport of paintball for any extended period of time you will be able to relate or have been directly involved in what we will discuss here. Unfortunately this is something that seems to go on over and over again to all teams in all styles of play. Continue reading »

Oct 262010

This article was inspired after reading a thread on a popular paintball forum. A bunch of great tips can be found within that will cover how to protect your gear while traveling. Much can be said about the loss of gear due to theft, yet we hear about this at every major event year after year. Let us hope these tips help prevent even a single person from having to experience the pain and anger of losing your gear. Continue reading »