Aug 262014
1979690_289250187907013_2981089468078048212_nThe Catshack Reports spoke  at length by phone with Angie Rye and company in Michigan. This would be a group working on building paintball at a true grass roots level. In short they appear at big games and at fields and take young children aside to teach them how to use a marker at the earliest beginner level. A positive initiative worthy of mention here on The Catshack Reports Paintball News

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Jul 112014

Collage - kopie - kopie There are few things more powerful than a group of dedicated paintballers. Banding together with the intent to accomplish their collective goal, they are nearly unstoppable. We here at The Catshack Reports have seen it time and time again. When paintballers work together as a team their resources and opportunities expand exponentially, their resolve is hardened when they have their comrades at their side and behind them. Whether it’s a day at the local field, or a cross country trip to a big event, things are more fun when you work with a team. Recently we have been made aware of a truly remarkable paintball alliance, one that brings over 50 players of different countries, language, and creeds to play, party, and fight together.  We have seen few if any that have done all that as well as The Northern Alliance.


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May 282014

thThe Catshack Reports managed to track down the ever elusive Adam Gardner, former CEO of Smart Parts and now one of the men behind GoG Paintball alongside his brother Billy. Those of us can recall not altogether long ago how the banks rolled in and despite good credit, chose to terminate their relationship with Smart Parts and shut the giant paintball company down. At the time it was a terrific blow to the paintball community and the sport itself. Continue reading »

Mar 142014

valken-corps-logo-homeWhat do you think some qualifications would be that makes a Valken Corps Command position a good fit?. Jeb Lewis is a people person and outgoing for one thing…. not to mention he loves paintball and loves pushing the sport wherever and whenever possible. Continue reading »

Mar 102014

1779267_351362681668523_412451290_nToday the Catshack meets with David Marcos, team owner of the all girls team Freedom Angels. This is the third season for the Angels.  The line was formed in 2012, when Coach and Owner Dave Marcos met Leah Mumford at Outdoor Xtreme Chesapeake City, MD (OXCC – Home field to Freedom Nation).  Dave always wanted to start an all-girls team to compete in the GPL/MAPL in his organization, Freedom Nation.    Leah expressed an interest in playing speedball as she had been playing woods ball with her parents for several years.  Continue reading »

Feb 252014


As a followup to our article on Low Impact Paintball Safety . The Catshack Reports once again touched base with industry professional Bob McGuire of the Paintball Training Institute. It is somewhat of a concern when thinking of what could happen in some situations. Bob passed along his thoughts on how low impact paintball safety can be compromised in such settings as a backyard as one possibility as follows: Continue reading »