Catshack Girls


Meet The Catshack Girls

Women Who Love Paintball

Want to see you picture in the gallery? Make sure you register for the NEXT Miss Catshack Contest. All participants will be seen in this gallery!

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  19 Responses to “Catshack Girls”

  1. I’m liking Jodi! Is that the DJ you told me about?

  2. lol never noticed but in some pics Jodi reminds me of Tomb Raider

  3. hi. i was at the soldiers gear diabetes event. i was hoping to gather some pics that might have me and my friends in any of them. are you able to post them?? im on facebook as well.
    thanks very much
    Chad Coones

  4. H o L L A ! ! ! LOVE THE PICTURES!!

  5. Greetings from Argentina!

    Partisanos Paintball Team

  6. i was at Castle Conquest this past saturday and was hoping to see some pics or vids that were taken

  7. gett my new buddy HAiley in here!! haha she not only has looks but she can ball she has her own team!! :)

  8. courtny at operation milsim for miss catshack

  9. U girls look so hot and wish can play paintball u all

  10. Where is my pic…

  11. Just don’t ask me to pick a favorite one. :)

  12. Audrey I believe your pic is still on the 2011 contest page – the catshack is working on transferring you here :) please be patient!

  13. page is down while I update it…

  14. Page is back up and redesigned. You should all find your pics from the 2011 contest page here now :)

  15. Great pictures. I’d love a next picture button on the page that shows the individual photos.

  16. loving the picks… girls represent!!!!!
    loving you all thanks for your dedicatiion to our sport

  17. I thought the girls I paintball with were beautiful…

    Would not be able to shoot any of them

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