Catshack Contests


As our way of honoring the people that do play paintball , The Catshack Reports will strive to bring our readership many contests dedicated annually to YOU, the people that make the sport of paintball great!.

So get out your cameras and step out to the paintball field to get that one “shot” of yourself that you feel best represents who you are and what you enjoy most about paintball. Please note as each year passes so to will the contests and the rules be adjusted to best encompass what we are setting out to do.

All submissions may be sent to

Good luck

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  24 Responses to “Catshack Contests”

  1. I love playing the game, I have been playing for almost two years now and I still get scared to be hit by a ball :) But I still run and gun it. I don’t do big crowd games, just small games, I’m a bit of a wussy when it comes to paint even though I shouldn’t, I just got a tattoo done for my birthday and had a baby…..So girls come on out and play its really no that bad :) When I’m not playing I’m taking pictures

  2. courtny at operation milsim hands down all the wayh

  3. when does the voting start?

  4. haley is female paintball all the way she gets my vote for miss catshack

  5. I vote Haley ware for miss carshack
    She is the sweetest girl with the meanest face

    You know tomcat
    And she wears just like me that damn neon shirt!
    That’s the coolest ugliest thing I own!!
    Come down to operation Milsim soon tomcat
    You devildog!!

  6. Haley is paintballs wet dream.
    shes got my vote.

  7. I vote Traci Hayse

  8. My vote is for Traci Hayes. Go Traci!!!!

  9. i vote for traci hayes

  10. i Vote Traci Hayes!!!

  11. Traci has my vote techpb to the front

  12. Kelly B is a shoe in for sure….SHE HAS THE Whole package!!!! go Kelly B, you are AWESOME!!!!!

  13. Kelly B is AWESOME!!!!! She has my vote all the way!!! No one comes close to my girl , she has it going on!!! GO KELLY B !!!!!!!

  14. My vote goes to Traci Hayes! She´s awesome!

  15. My votes goes to Traci Hayes…You go girl!

  16. Traci hays here (:

  17. I vote for Traci Hayes…GO TRACI!!!!!!!

  18. My votes go one hundred percent to Kelly Bonselaar. Not only is she stunning but a skilled paintball player as well. I have had the privilege to play side by side with her and dare I say all women on the field should aspire to be like her. A good shot and so stealthy she could steal your ammo without you noticing before she asks you to surrender. Looks good and plays good, sounds like the rightfull winner to me.

  19. I vote for Traci Hayes… You rock lil sis

  20. Cassy O Is one awesome ref and player! She plays better
    Than most men and can whip them on and off the field
    Cassy doesn’t have to use her looks to get votes!
    voted MVP in Illinois against over 450 players!
    That tells you something!

  21. Keara is DA BOMB…she gets my vote.

  22. I vote for Keara!

  23. I vote Keara! She’s totatlly awesome

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