Miss Catshack Archives


Welcome to the Miss Catshack Archives!

We have decided to keep a log of all of our past Miss Catshack Contests so our visitors always have quick and easy access to past contest information! From this page you will be able to access all of our previously held Miss Catshack Contest pages to view past scores. You will also be able to view a summary of the wonderful ladies who have held the title of “MISS CATSHACK”

Annual Record of Miss Catshack Contests

Miss Catshack 2013

Miss Catshack 2012

Miss Catshack 2011 (contest page MIA)

The Catshack Reports….

2013 “Miss Catshack”

Kate P.

2012 “Miss Catshack”

Sarah B

2011 “Miss Catshack”

Tracey H.

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