Paintball 101


Paul “Cryptic” Forcier shares his top ten tips for novice players seeking to improve their skills and help improve their game.

  1. Move – The biggest mistake I see new players make is lack of movement. You are not going to hit anything if you stay back on the field behind one bunker the entire match. When you move you will want to do so with your marker up and ready to shoot. Move from one bunker to another while your opponent is not looking or focused on another player.
  2. Match Your Paint To Your Barrel – What this means is try to match yourHow to paintball size to the bore size of your barrel. If you are a new player you probably only have a single barrel. When you get more into the sport you will likely purchase a barrel kit. This is when you will take random paintballs from the case you bought and match the paintball bore to the barrel bore as best as possible.
  3. Walk The Field – If you want to know where the lanes will be or the best route to a certain point walking the field before the game will give you the knowledge others may not have.
  4. Get In Shape – Paintball is a game where everyone can play, no matter what age, shape and gender you happen to be. But to be the best possible player you can be I recommend exercising and getting in shape as much as possible. This is a competition and to play at the top of your abilities you will want to be in the best shape possible. Yes, round is a shape too.
  5. Know Your Abilities – Let’s face it, we are not all going to be the next great star of the sport. It is best to know your abilities and use them to your advantage. If you are fast perhaps you are the guy that will run to the snake while your team gives you cover fire. Maybe you can naturally shoot fast, you can be the guy who is laying cover fire while your team moves to flank someone. Do not lose a game because you try to do something you know you cannot accomplish.
  6. Don’t Be A Hero – Paintball is a team sport. You do not have to be the star player every game. Rely on your team to help you make your moves and to eliminate opponents. You will have your time to shine, just as the entire team will.
  7. Plan – Make a game plan before the game. Know where you are going and what your job is. This will come with practice with your fellow players. The more time spent on planning the less time you will run around making un-needed risks and possibly losing the game.
  8. Practice – This can be done with your team or alone in your home. If you shoot slow sit with your paintball marker and practice walking the trigger while watching television. If you keep getting shot out you will want to practice using your bunkers better.
  9. Communicate – In my opinion, this is one of the most important parts of the game. Learn to tell your team where the enemy is. Yell out bunker locations of your team and practice having your team repeat this so everyone on the field knows the exact location of everyone on the opposing side. Kill counts are another thing. My team was working on this last weekend. Yell out those eliminated and repeat them when you hear them. Knowing how many players are left on the other side of the field will help with your movement or with getting the flag before time runs out.
  10. Remember To Have Fun – You want the game to grow? Have fun when you play. Take a little time to make sure the new guys are having as much fun as possible so they will return to the field and grow the sport. This is a game and it is meant to be an escape from the everyday hassle of life. Leave your problems behind when you take that step on the field. I like to win but I know a day playing paintball is a better day at work anytime.
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  2. would like permission to duplicate this article on my website.

  3. great article only problem i have is the bit about bore to barrel match this is actually the worst thing to do it causes paintballs to act differently every shot due to the fact that the paintballs are all different where as if you underbore or overbore you will always see the same result because in underbore you squeze the paintball through the barrel meaning they will all shoot out the same and overbore they all dont come in contact with the barel much punkworks has done through research on the subject

  4. Great article. It is essential to know what you are doing in order to have fun and be good at playing paintball. Also another tip, make sure you choose your paintball marker wisely. There are literary tons of markers out there. A brand that I would recommend is Spyder (here is a site; for most beginners. They’re cheap, and work well and let you test the water, till u get good at your game and want to upgrade to something better like DP or PE.

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