Snap Shooting


A Brief How to Guide

Snap shooting for those that do not know is when you are behind your bunker and pop out quickly, fire off a few shots and pop back behind your bunker all within a second or so. Snap shooting is one of the most important elements for paintball players to learn, woodsball and speedball players alike. To master this skill it will take lots of practice but in the long run it will make you an effective force to deal with on the field. This is not something that most players will be naturally good at, practice will make you better.


  1. Stand facing your bunker. While holding your marker up, rest the tank against your shoulder. Keep your elbows in so that both elbows are pointing at the ground. This will prevent you from exposing your arms any more than needed. Hold your gun at eye level so that you are looking down the barrel and can see where your paint will land.
  2. Know where the opposing player is located. Many times your opponent will already be posted up on you waiting for you to make a move. If you plan on shooting out of the right side of the bunker be close to the edge of the bunker without exposing any of your body or equipment.
  3. Pop out of your bunker so that the only parts of your body and equipment exposed is your hands, the marker and half of your head. Shoot three to five balls and quickly snap back into your bunker.wvutsback
  4. This will usually trigger your opponent to shoot back if you did not eliminate them. Prepare to snap out again but come out from a different spot. If you keep snapping from the same spot your opponent will target that area and eliminate you in short order.
  5. If you cannot hit your opponent using this technique you can snap to make your opponent go behind their bunker, then post up on the player and wait for him to move.

Try to avoid coming over the top of the bunkers as this can and will expose much more of your body.

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