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DSC_1639As an avid player to the game of paintball for a few years now. I thought I might share a few tricks that I like to employ as part of the style of paintball game that I like to play. I got a whole bag of tricks I like to use as each situation dictates.

In one scenario when advancing on one or more Opfor scan your immediate surroundings and put something whether a tree or bunker between yourself and the intended target you have spotted, all the while it is important to continue to make your advance. Upon reaching the cover provided by the objects you have placed in the line of fire you can then come out with your marker blazing on what you hope is still an unsuspecting quarry. If however you are detected on approach you now have suitable cover to avoid being taken out quite so easily and the fire fight is on. It’s all about range and angles when taking on an opponent using this as a potential tactic to be used under the right circumstances with respect to terrain and the like. At the very least it is also a good way of pinning the OpFor so another member of the team can move to flank and eliminate him. So number one put something between you and the Opfor.

Another of my favorite ploys would be what I like to refer to as the “bait and hook maneuver” we actually employed this at one of our last private games and it worked beautifully. One player advances on a path or through the woods and positions more to the forefront of a playing field and takes up position in cover waiting for the Opfor to appear. Upon the appearance that player is now designated as bait and opens fire indiscriminately (hopefully taking out one or two Opfor in the process). The idea here is to get the attention of lots of the other opposing players at which time you begin to fall back every once in a while returning fire to keep their attention but at the same time make it appear as if you are in staggered retreat. Unbeknownst to the advancing players, player B has been patiently waiting deeper into the bush while the bait brings in the quarry …with some patience an entire group can be caught unawares with the tactic and eliminated in a deadly cross fire situation.

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The old cat loves to employ the “ghost maneuver”, similar to what is described above, less a second player to work alongside of. In short as more of being in a solo situation and dealing with one or more Opfor, one of the tricks I like to employ when getting into a fire fight is to feign running out of ammo or have some marker “problems” and the like and perhaps even dry fire some to convince the Opfor that I am now easy pickings. At some point I get up and run for a short distance and then hit my left or right hard and move for a short distance then go to ground fast behind cover preferably but if not, put finger on trigger here …the OpFor normally falls for the old tactic and usually rushes in hungry for the elimination only to find themselves the hunted instead and falling themselves under a barrage of paint. Such is the fate for the reckless players unfortunate enough to be duped by such a thing.

Last but not least, put your back to something. If your going solo or even in pairs cover your six. To many times have I come up on a new player who fails to protect their behind and falls prey to my paint. Use some thick bush, a tree or put your back to the confines of the field and make it difficult to catch you from behind. If no cover exists then make a point of checking behind you from time to time regularly. The common mistake is to check 180 degrees as opposed to watching 360 degrees.

Stay sharp!

Tomcat out.

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