Aug 022011

Ninja Paintball has just released a new line of regulators called the GS-Series or Gun Specific Series. Over the years, we have received numerous calls from players requesting us to build them a custom regulator with a very specific output pressure that is optimal for their marker. Continue reading »

Jul 262011

Exalt Developments is pleased to announce their latest and greatest with the creation of a new regulator grip designed with the paintball player in mind. Better still the pricing will see this new product hit the store shelves at a very reasonable cost, see your nearest pro shop and insist they order some of these bad boys in today. Continue reading »

Apr 062011

On the field, its blood, sweat and tears. Adrenaline racing, hearts pounding from the start of the count with the final picture secured tight in the back of the minds of many… Victory at the back of enemy lines with only the flag to be hung. But hung is the time, the silence in which the crowds stop, the ten second warning is given the guns gripped firm, teeth clenched only to be broken free by the short stop of a whistle blow. Continue reading »