NAX 2014

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Sep 102014

IMG_6889The time had finally arrived …… NAX the finals 2014, Canada’s premier paintball tournament that is the North American XTreme Paintball League! 

The weather came to,  a mini tornado hit on the Friday that did some damage to the field, thankfully and as always PBL and field staff did an amazing job to make sure the event ran seamlessly. Saturday kicked off with pouring rain, seems like the events were cursed this season with adverse weather conditions. Sunday was far kinder and the sun was out for the final games. Continue reading »

Aug 062014
IMG_9517This past weekend saw the final event for central teams in the CXBL, and what an eventful weekend we had. With a super crazy thunder storm visiting the event mid afternoon on Saturday, causing flooding and games to be cancelled,  FlagRaiders staff alongside  CXBL staff worked late into Saturday night to make sure the event could resume Sunday morning.

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Jul 042014
IMG_1003The CXBL was back at Commando paintball in Ottawa this past weekend for Event 2 Border Battle, this awesome event never fails to amaze.The Elite division was back playing at Border Battle with many top teams have pro players onboard, to make a very exciting season, this year teams Revo, Heat, Vicious and Genesis looking to come out on top.

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Aug 052013

IMG_0973-2Excuse me but WOW! … first and foremost a great big round of applause goes out to both Flag Raiders Paintball and BuyPBL. Almost two weeks ago a severe storm such as happened some time ago at one of the major PSP tournaments in Galveston, Texas had blown in and smashed the Raiders field flat. Both Raiders and BuyPBL came together and pulled it out of their proverbial hat getting the damage repaired and the field up and running in time to see Event 3 take place at the field. THANK YOU! Continue reading »

May 142013

IMG_7391As the fog lifted and a very light drizzle dissipated, seems once again another landmark event was blessed with pleasant enough conditions for a great game of paintball. It was immediately apparent that a less than normal size group of players were to appear and answer the call of duty. This however translated into a smaller more intense game of paintball. Continue reading »

Apr 292013

Welcome to the new paintball facility in Vaughan. During the month of December 2012 my partners and I were in negotiations with the landowner on securing the area for the 2013 season. The facility has always been part of my life since it’s minutes away from home. I’ve always been in close contact with the developer of the property and kept a good relationship. Continue reading »

Jan 102013

Citrus Connection … now a well known paintball team here in Canada is ramping up for yet another busy season. The crew, with a very strong roster, blew through 2012 like a runaway locomotive, blasting opponents and mowing faces. Continue reading »

Dec 192012

For Immediate Release: 19th December 2012

The CXBL is pleased to introduce Maxsimum, a division of Maxs Sports, as the official jersey supplier of the league in 2013. The players of the Canadian Xtreme Paintball League have come to expect the best in regards to the jerseys provided to its players and the new line of Maxs Sports Maxsimum jerseys are sure to impress even the toughest of critics. Continue reading »