Mar 282014

BOB3B.O.B. stands for “Ballers on Budgets” they all have Bob Long guns or CCM’s…top of the line guns and gear BUT that’s very likely why they can’t afford to play as much, so they thought BOB sounded great. The White part just came from nowhere, a bob white to this team in Nebraska is a quail that has a very unique whistle that they used to try to use on the field to communicate…one of their members couldn’t whistle to save his life so in one game they heard the whistles and someone just shouted “BOB WHITE, damnit!” and it sort of just stuck. Continue reading »

Dec 252013

logo2014 PSP Schedule

The 2014 PSP Circuit will consist of 5 major events, offering several divisions of play including the RaceTo format and Pump Competitions, as well as the incorporation of the Ultimate Woodsball League. A massive grandstand, the largest tradeshow and a live webcast are some of the features you will see again this season at the PSP events. Continue reading »

Nov 152013

IMG_1187Chris Aguayo, former active U.S Army Sergeant with a full 8 years of service under his belt is making a difference. A native of Illinois, Chris and his team the Task Force Legion have been hard at work helping veterans of the United States Military. Continue reading »

Jun 172013

The 2nd annual Canadian Carnage hosted by Underground Productz and The Northern Gunmen kicked off with a fun and entertaining evening out at the VIP Players Party complete with live band “Brave N’ Crazy” performing live on the Friday night. Continue reading »

May 302013

Mich O’Connell Assessing the Battle and Sending out Orders (Photo by Pistol Photography)

Living Legends 6

It’s hard to know what to write about when you go to Living Legends. It’s one of the biggest paintball games in the country……one of the biggest paintball social events in the country, and overall a swirl of fun activities.   This is where 2000+ people travel from all over, use their vacation time and hard-earned money, to be part of a very happy crowd having a lot of fun. Continue reading »

May 292013

photo-2May 28th 2013

Chicago, Il.

Immortal Air’s Regulators have launched!

The Catshack Reports caught an exclusive! I had a lengthy conversation with Mr. Dan Colby of “Immortal Air” with regards to his highly anticipated return to paintball, his new company and initial product launch. Many of you know Dan from “Air America” Today he has launched a new name but is giving the same awesome service that he has always provided! He is elated about the product launch as well as his future endeavors to satisfy his customers 100%. I was also given the opportunity to put his expertise to the test and try his new line of regulators. A first hand and an unvarnished assessment of the product and the man behind high pressure air regulation. Continue reading »

Feb 012013


$10,000 in Scholarships up for Grabs in 2013

Old Hickory, Tennessee – February 1, 2013 – The Bob Gurnsey Paintball Scholarship Fund is proud to announce there will be $10,000 in Scholarships up for grabs for 2013.  These scholarships are open to all High School Senior Paintball Players wishing to further their education in the fall of 2013 in any accredited school of higher education in the U.S. or Canada.  Continue reading »