Oct 052012


Once again paintballers enjoyed an awesome day at Fox Paintball in Millington, Illinois. On September 16th, Splatterzone Productions presented Training Day VIII “Act of Valor”.

The weather was great. People seemed shocked as typically the rain makes an appearance during this event, but not this time, perfect paintball weather graced the field. The day literally flew by, starting with some full out play on this very maneuverable field. There were many tanks, props and interesting players looking for a good time. I could go on and on about the field and the play during the day but this event also had some excellent off-field activities as well, including lunch cooked on-site, vendor tents and games of skill. Continue reading »

Jun 112012

JUNE 23rd & 24th (Saturday & Sunday, Pinckney, Michigan USA)

“Seven Teams = Seven Nations… Battling for Global Domination and the Survival of the World!!”
Much like a giant game of RISK®, Global Conquestâ„¢ pits SEVEN COUNTRIES against each other in a compelling scenario of negotiation and battle that mimics real life – almost too accurately! This incredible story line has become one of the best-reviewed Scenarios! Join the fastest-growing Paintball experience at the legendary Hell Survivors®!! Continue reading »

Feb 132012

Shoreline have a very cool competition running in conjunction with G.I. Sportz and DXS – design the paintball for the forthcoming Battle of Britain game!!!

How cool is that? The competition is open to anyone anywhere in the world.

We’ve been running a few competitions over the past few weeks, but this one is rather special. Continue reading »

Feb 102012

Shoreline Paintball and G.I. Sportz and DXS have joined forces for the Battle of Britain event to be held in April in the UK.

The official paint supplier for the event will be G.I. Sportz with the G.I. and DXS brands.

The event will have a printed ball made especially for the weekend and a variety for grades will be offer to the players from the temperature controlled G.I. facility onsite. Continue reading »

Jan 282012

Hell Survivors® Paintball Field Owner says “NO!” to Oil-Filled Paintballs!

In a bold statement for the vital safety for our industry, Field Operations pioneer Dave Massey has denounced the use of Oil-Filled paintballs at his legendary Hell Survivors® Michigan Playfield, the world’s longest running paintball operation. Massey states, “Most of the major paint brands out there now use OIL in the fill to cut their costs to reduce prices. This seems to be a blatant disregard for our environment, which represents a potential threat to the survival of our beloved game. These oil ingredients pose a major concern to our business and our entire industry, and it has to stop!” Continue reading »