Dec 272012

Paintball has been around what now, thirty some odd years. In the early days fewer manufacturers existed as it was essentially National Survival Games that steered the ship. National Survival Games under the direction of Bob Gurnsey also weathered the storm as far as dealing with mass lawsuits and via these actions saw paintball persevere and continue to exist to this day. Continue reading »

Oct 052012


Once again paintballers enjoyed an awesome day at Fox Paintball in Millington, Illinois. On September 16th, Splatterzone Productions presented Training Day VIII “Act of Valor”.

The weather was great. People seemed shocked as typically the rain makes an appearance during this event, but not this time, perfect paintball weather graced the field. The day literally flew by, starting with some full out play on this very maneuverable field. There were many tanks, props and interesting players looking for a good time. I could go on and on about the field and the play during the day but this event also had some excellent off-field activities as well, including lunch cooked on-site, vendor tents and games of skill. Continue reading »

Sep 282012

It’s been a long time since Australia had a competitive woodsball/bushball competition. The ABL commenced operations this year in Brisbane, and next year will be spawning local competitions in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and a couple of regional areas, with a goal to having every major paintball region hosting their own ABL tournaments to one day feed into a National ABL circuit. It’s a big ask, but they are up to the task.  Continue reading »

Sep 112012

SEPTEMBER 11th 2012



Montreal, Quebec & Richmond Hill, Ontario.

PBL Action Sports in Montreal Quebec would like to welcome Ripple Industries as the newest PBL Approved Store. Continue reading »

Jun 132012

Attending a CXBL event mirrors the PSP with all of the intense competition and carnival like atmosphere with teams and tents dotting the landscape in every direction. CXBL, in The Catshack’s opinion is one of the top speedball competitions in Canada that never disappoints with riveting paintball matches and in this case a few surprises. Continue reading »

May 042012

A looong time ago … The Catshack Reports wrote an article on paintball apparel and the idea of establishing brand names synonymous with paintball. If you care to review to what I am referring to, feel free to check out our article entitled “Brand Names Synonymous with Paintball Continue reading »

Mar 302012

Its been a whole three years since paintball has been blessed with the presence of Bea Paxson …she’s back and hungry to get back in the grind! The Catshack Reports spoke with Bea at NPPL Huntington Beach as she prepares herself for the competition and her inaugural run with Poison Ivy. Continue reading »

Jan 102012

MSXL, PSP’s Mid-South Affiliate, Announces 2012 Dates/Venues!

New for 2012:

Fulltime PSP Certified Refs

RaceTo-2 Formats

Pump Division

3-Man D5

The MSXL is proud to announce the 2012 Season Schedule. Continuing our tradition of improving each year, this season we are taking a giant leap forward with a full time PSP Certified Ref Staff. We will continue to provide the best competition and affordable participation by returning to the premier facilities in the region. Paintball Asylum will be hosting the season opener and Championship event book casing the 2012 Series. We have also confirmed the return to the Paintball Plex-Trade My Gun Facility. Continue reading »

Nov 262011

We are delighted to launch the 2012 Super6 Series

The dates and venues will be:

  • Feb 4/5: Super6/1: District 10 – Nottingham – Shoreline Paintball
  • Mar 17/18 – Super6/2: Back to the Future – Holmbush – Shoreline Paintball
  • Jun 9/10 – Super6/3: Chocolate Factory – Yorkshire – YPC
  • Sep 8/9 – Super6/4: The Planet Eclipse Big Game: Staargate – Wakefield – Shoreline Paintball
  • Oct 13/14 – Super6/5: Time Wars – Cobham – Campaign Paintball

You will notice that the 2012 Super6 season will contain five events. Due to the proliferation of Big Games next year, we did not want to overcrowd the calendar with an additional weekend. So we’ll condense Super6 down into five events for the 2012 season. Continue reading »