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1898952_728877730480077_1389009439_nWhen Empire bought out the rights to Smart parts everyone knew something was going to happen. Sure enough a few months later the JT Impulse was unveiled. It turned heads but more in a negative sense. People didn’t like the price tag since JT is trying to get back on the gun scene. Also it looked a lot like an older version of an EGO. However for me it showed promise, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! Continue reading »

Oct 142013
games of the throne

Oct, 13th 2013

Fayetteville, Tn

Game of Thrones, Produced by MPP Games

Let the battle begin!

Bear Claw Paintball, as I have stated on many occasions, a field that can only be described as perfection when it comes to a woodsball, scenario field! Lined with beautiful trees, inclines, rocks and the structures, well they speak for itself. Very well thought out and creative indeed, a total of 8 fields and many acres that would fulfill any players needs! Owner Scott Bolden and crew take the up most pride when it comes to cleanliness, safety and fun! This was the Catshacks second visit to Game Of Thrones and I intend on making it a tradition!:)

406On to the game! The Greyjoy’s were led by Steve Burges and daughter Katie Burges, although Father will give Daughter all credits. :) The Dathraki’s were led by James McDonald and Chip Hudson. Great job from both sides! First objective to start off the day; The main Greyjoy force had to cover the entire field from Yi-Ti to reach their defenders at Seagard. The Dothraki force that was pre-positioned at Great Wyk were to set up a defense along the King’s Road to keep them from reaching their objective. both teams then had to fight through one another to reach their respective bases.

Players lined the beach with anticipation, their objective would be a long steadfast attempt to secure their safety zone! Paint was flying on both sides as the defenders were prepared to protect their territory! Once the attackers secured the base, missions started rolling in. Each General delegated their agendas and kept the players on their toes throughout the entire weekend! The night beach landing was amazing! Nothing like I have ever experienced in Paintball. The fires were tremendous, I couldn’t calculate how high they reached, but they lit up the night sky! I hope Gary Winn’s pictures can express the visual AWE!

5.The night landing objective; After taking the beach, the Greyjoys were to push on to rescue the Admiral at Oakmont, the Princess at Greywater, and the gold at Faircastle; they did not capture any of the props, but came close at Oakmont and Greywater! This denied the Dothraki 200 points for an uncontested position at each.

I would say the game was perfect. Players extended their thanks, joy and appreciation of the game. I think incorporating the 10 vs 10 matches into missions was quite unique and allowed outsiders to view some action! I have to give it to Mr. Torricelli, as he is detail oriented, very creative, passionate and most importantly wanted to assure every player on that field was happy enough to return.

751As I am writing this article, explaining some details of action, strongholds as well as the strengths and challenges of the game. I realized my words were similar to the Dothraki’s General, James McDonald, as he sent me some great insight with regards to the game from his perspective. Katie Burges, leading The Greyjoy’s shared her thoughts as well. I think it’s only fair to hear from the ones that led us into battle. :)3. Enjoy.

James McDonald:

741This was my first shot at commanding an event for any producer. For the most part I prefer to just get out there and play with the guys at these events and this one wasn’t really any different. I was fortunate that game producer Ben Torricelli had written in quite a few staff led missions so I made sure to get in on all of those. Ben really immerses himself into any event he writes. The historical events he produces could pretty much pass as a history lesson at any accredited school and when it comes to the fictional events, it seems like he researches every possible aspect of the theme and really does an outstanding job of including even the smallest details. The Game of Thrones events have been no exception. His missions are detailed and challenging and the overlapping of the teams on the missions always seem to create the very best battle sequences. I’m really glad that my first (and perhaps my last) command event was an MPP event.

742The teams (both sides) that attended this event came in ready to play and I think the opening sequence was as fluid an opening as I’ve ever participated in. Some lack of communication on my part prevented the Dothraki side from maximizing mission points for the opening mission but the Dothraki side really did everything expected and beyond during that battle and it was an outstanding way to get the day started. The day progressed pretty much as expected. Missions completed on both sides and nothing overly spectacular or out of the norm. Our Dothraki team had great communication for the most part and while there were some missions that were not completed, the effort was always there and the players seemed to be getting the most out of the play. I think the most outstanding teams during the Saturday play were Type 3 (out of Louisiana) Black Karma and UPPK (United Paintball Players of Kentuckiana). All of the Dothraki teams contributed a great deal but those three really stood out. On the opposing team, the 502 SOG and the Bounty Hunters seemed to be in every fight. The Dothraki side ended the day down 200 points.

Dothraki XO Chip Hudson of CCP led the night game for me (anyone that knows me knows I hate the night play) and did a fantastic job. We were protecting the beach for the nighttime beach landing (under the light of fire) and from all accounts, the Greyjoy side was thwarted for most of the evening form getting out of the open field and into the mission points. CCP, UPPK, Black Karma, True Ballers and several others really spearheaded the successful night play. I think there may have been some confusion at the close of night play on who held which mission points but when it was all over, the Dothraki side held a 150 point edge overall.758

Sunday play started off very strong and the momentum gained allowed the Dothraki side to turn the 150 point lead into a 1000 point victory. The Greyjoy side fought hard but seemed to lose a little steam about midway through the morning. I was able to get into the field more on Sunday and was able to play with some new (and old) friends and really see some outstanding play. One of my favorite teams anywhere is the True ballers. Not only are they tremendous paintball players, but they are about the nicest, fairest, and well mannered group you will ever have the pleasure of playing with, Bravo Zulu to Super Dan for leading this group of young paintball players in the right direction. Central Florida team the X-men really had a great performance and these guys (and gal) play about as hard as any team you put on the field. They truly remind me of my own GunKings team when we first started attending events. Great to have them make the trip up and put on a great display of skill and sportsmanship.

621Lastly, I mentioned this at the awards meeting but I want to stress the fact that the referee’s for this event were the very best I’ve ever been around. It was a combination of how they made sure to place themselves in the best place (even if it meant it put them in the line of fire), their attention to player safety, and that they were never complacent or disinterested in the action. Also, Saturday was HOOOTTT for October in TN and it took its toll on many physically and mentally. I was present when one young man rendered first aide to a player that had all of the symptoms of heat stroke and he did an outstanding job. Also, there was heated play and in some instances, confrontations, they handled that as well as any I’ve seen. Kudos to the entire Ref staff and the Bear Claw staff.

Katie Burges:

657Guys, this was one awesome game! I’ve never seen anyone play as hard as I did this past weekend. The staff was great, the Other team kept me on my toes, and to the Greyjoys! We might have lost, but I can’t even begin to explain how grateful and proud I am of everyone who worked their butts off for me. A special thanks to Doc, for helping me out so darn much in the base. Kept me laughing, and kept me calm! Also to Scooter and the Crusaders Tactical Pb Squad! You guys were everywhere at once! 502nd, you did whatever I asked and went wherever I needed. 5×5, I had y’all all over the field and you never gave me any lip. Y’all were a big help when it came down to speedball missions! I can’t name everyone who made a difference, I’d be writing all day! But I want everyone to know, staff and opposing team included, you Guys are awesome!!!

The Catshack Reports:

708599To sum it up, just an amazing weekend of Paintball with old friends and new. If I start naming all the names, I’m in trouble as I am sure to forget someone. :) I do want to thank Scott and Layla for their hospitality and their passion for this sport. Mr. Ben Torricelli and wife Bonnie for your kindness and amazing work. The Generals for a job well done, you are both Champs in my book! Team XMen for traveling from Florida to experience this game. Paul Bollenbach it’s always a pleasure to run with you or against you my friend. Richie Vanwart, longtime friend and Marshall Law team mate for joining us. The refs were amazing and very professional. Gary Winn from The Bounty Hunters for taking some awesome night pictures. All the Teams played with great sportsmanship. Black Karma, thank you for a very tasty dinner. The Howell Community for their hard work and delicious food. I will keep this game in my planner for years to come! Thank you, and Much Respect to you all! Golden Girl

To view upcoming games at Bearclaw: http://www.bearclawpaintball.net/

To view upcoming MPP games: http://mppgames.com/

Jul 162013

IMG_9639The Catshack Reports accompanied our home field team Trio Mojo of Crazy Bill’s Paintball to see them compete in Event 3 of the ESPL hosted by Flagswipe Paintball in London ON. Seems competition paintball is alive and well in this part of Southern Ontario with a full ten 3 man squads competing in the Young Guns Division and another twenty 5 man squads for the Rookie Division appearing to play Event 3. “Numbers are down from Event 2 where even more teams competed” mentioned tournament administrator Shawn Jean. Continue reading »

May 212013

EmpireEmpire Paintball is pleased to announce the release of our newest Axe, the Empire Axe LE – Carbon.  We’re especially excited about this Axe LE because it includes the Redline that offers an abundance of customizable program settings and an upgraded feedneck borrowed from our upcoming top tournament marker, the Vanquish. The custom milled Super Freak barrel includes a tip with matching carbon fiber, plus 6 inserts to get that perfect ball-to-barrel match. This Axe has all the upgrades to help you win on the field.

MAP:    $794.95

  RELEASE DATE: Available Now!

16852 Product Details:

  • Redline foregrip with OLED screen and joystick interface
  • Carbon Fiber Super Freak 6pc barrel kit with .675, .680, .685, .690 and .695 bore sizes
  • Unique Push Button Bolt Removal System For Easy Maintenance
  • Empire Relay Regulator/ASA with ON/OFF Lever Makes Tank Removal a Breeze
  • Extended Grip Frame and New Grip for Increased Comfort
  • Magnet Returned Bearing Trigger Offers Smooth Firing Action
  • Integrated Break Beam Anti-Chop Eyes Eliminates Chopped Balls
  • Outstanding Velocity Consistency Offers Performance You can Depend On
  • Low Pressure Operation is Gentle on Paint
  • Through Grip Air Transfer Means No Hoses to Crimp or Break
  • New clamping feedneck gives a new look with increased durability

Please visit your local field or dealer for product details and to place your order.


May 122013

For immediate release


“Guns for Hoses Event 1 raises $3765 for the NFFF”

Sunday, May 5TH 2013 was a day like no other. Warm sunny weather brought 233 players to Xtreme Paintball in Agawam, Ma for “Guns for Hoses 4: The Walking Dead”. Continue reading »