Dec 202012


Joliet, IL, December 19, 2012, CPX Sports.

Team Infamous and CPX Sports announce formation of Division 1 team – Chicago Infamous. Continue reading »

Nov 182010

Another year is quickly coming to an end, as 2011 approaches we reached out to our friends in the industry to see what their thoughts are on the past year and what we should look forward to for the next season. We hope you enjoy the many opinions we have gathered and share your thoughts in the comment section as well as be so kind as to share the article(s) on your social sites. Continue reading »

Mar 222010

Another update from one of our favorite speedball and Catshack Sponsored team … the Max’d Kidz. On the road to the PSP to pit for Infamous, young Sawyer is living the good life and rubbing elbows with all the pros. Its always great to hear from young Sawyer and the team. Here’s another update from the Max’d Kidz who are quickly becoming infamous in their own right. Continue reading »