Apr 162014

unnamed (7)Below is just a short review on a simple product. I bought this a week or so ago and it is pretty awesome.

In my pursuit and love of all new paintball products and my utter infatuation of videos covering this great sport I had to try out the Inception Designs Apache GoPro barrel mount. This is a simple product with a singular goal in mind. That goal is simply to provide a superior mounting option for us, the paintball players. Continue reading »

Mar 282014

BOB3B.O.B. stands for “Ballers on Budgets” they all have Bob Long guns or CCM’s…top of the line guns and gear BUT that’s very likely why they can’t afford to play as much, so they thought BOB sounded great. The White part just came from nowhere, a bob white to this team in Nebraska is a quail that has a very unique whistle that they used to try to use on the field to communicate…one of their members couldn’t whistle to save his life so in one game they heard the whistles and someone just shouted “BOB WHITE, damnit!” and it sort of just stuck. Continue reading »

Mar 262014




March 26th, 2014 – St. Paul, Oregon

Mike Brown of Tippmann confirmed today that the popular scenario brand is once again providing free support and tech services for SuperGame 47 from May 2nd through 4th, 2014. Continue reading »

Mar 182014

IMG_6681What is going on with Paintball in Malaysia?

Not many people worldwide know of Malaysia – well they do now because of a certain missing airplane and the news that come with it; we’re pretty much known as the country between Singapore & Thailand but in paintball, Malaysia is basically the PB HQ of the Asia-Pacific region. Continue reading »

Mar 142014

valken-corps-logo-homeWhat do you think some qualifications would be that makes a Valken Corps Command position a good fit?. Jeb Lewis is a people person and outgoing for one thing…. not to mention he loves paintball and loves pushing the sport wherever and whenever possible. Continue reading »

Mar 132014

guerilla airRecently I had an issue with the regulator on my compressed air tank. Fortunately about the same time I was offered a chance to test out the Guerrilla Air Myth G3 tank regulator. I had heard of the Myth regulator in the past, but this was the newer G3 which I assume stands for third generation, as in new and improved. Who doesn’t love the chance to try cool new products, right? I was instantly on board. Continue reading »

Mar 122014

1970595_824159014267614_579204168_nAn entire weekend of paintball hosted at a real amusement park? Better yet, an entire theme based off the movie “Zombieland”. Our friends with Goldfish 69 Photography gave the Catshack the goods on an epic journey in the UK and the game that was ZOMBIELAND – 2014 Continue reading »