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January 26th and 27th brought players from Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and even as far away as Ohio onto the fields of Low Country Paintball (LCP). This 63 acre field is located near Savannah in Ludowici, Georgia and is absolutely the premier field in south Georgia. Low Country Paintball is owned and operated by Billy and Paula Smith. It has been in business for over eight years and is home to the Black and Blue Krew, LCP Army, and LCP Scenario Games.

As an avid player for over 15 years Smith is dedicated to providing a safe and economical place for players. This dedication to the player is his reasoning for keeping paint and registration prices low. He prides himself on the fact that he has kept his fields pricing low in an economy where everything seems to be getting higher. He has no intention of changing this policy either, much to the happiness of all players.

This event was titled Zombie Apocalypse: Final Battle for Planet Earth. It was the last event in a series of five; but also the kick off event for the 2013 season. The game was written and produced by Joe “Georgia Joe” Hamilton of LCP Scenarios. As players began showing up Friday to set camp and prepare for a weekend of activities; you could fill the anticipation for Saturday.

L & M Sports – the only vendor for this event also began set-up on Friday. Michael Pearlman owner of L & M Sports makes it a point to let players know he is there for them and provide quality service and products. His business is known for its onsite repairs often for little to no cost; as well as for their stock of small parts often requested for at events.

Saturday morning eager players gathered at the main stage area in preparation for orientation, but before it began players were treated to LCP owner Billy Smith’s impromptu stand up comedy. Billy has a definite way of putting people at ease with laughter. As orientation continued players were informed of where respected entry points were, what constituted an “out”, and about a third fraction of players.
Billy introduced the two generals for the event. Chris Corbitt for the Militarized Survival Force (MSF) and Clay Walls for the Outlander. The third fraction but not a team (side) were zombies which could only be “killed” by a headshot.

While players had been told beforehand there would be a group of zombies, no one was aware of who would be part of the zombies until the day of the event. Of the 250 players who came to the event – 20 were zombies. Myself, Jami “Jhubb” Hubbell, and Jonathan “Mispeld” Cornell along with the Sewer Rats out of South Carolina made up the “Zombie Squad”. Being a zombie meant wearing a bright pink shirt and being prepared to take hits.

Game on was at 12 sharp and began with what seemed to be a “get the zombies” mission because both teams assaulted the zombie insertion point immediately. While this was what producers planned on happening, players on other sides later told me that they felt they spent so much time chasing zombies that they forgot about the players who meant the most! We, the zombies, served our purpose – to be a distraction and to get players to shoot paint. However, everyone agreed it was fun trying to take us out.

Overall game play was steady, intense, and extremely fun for everyone. Corbitt stated that, “it seamed that no matter what side you asked there were no complaints about anything. At one point in the game I walked right thru the blue teams (outlanders) base to go talk to Clay. MSF (red team) was pushed right up on them and everyone was having fun.” His statement is beyond accurate.

Halfway through the day on Saturday it became clear that LCP was going to need more paint – evidence of what a good time players were having, the great quality of the Valken graffiti paint, and the appreciation of players for LCP’s low paint prices. Unfortunately there was no way paint could be delivered that late in the day or the Sunday morning following. So Andy Potter – National Sales Manager for Valken – who was on hand for the event, jumped in his truck and drove down to Florida to pick up more paint! He returned later that evening with enough paint to appease all the players for the remainder of the event. That is great customer service!

By the end of the event we had taken A LOT of shots, but personally I wouldn’t have played with any other group! It was so much fun to walk up the center lane and take people out all while getting pelted with paintballs. Am I sick or what? Sick or not – camaraderie – that one word sums up this past weekend at Low Country Paintball for me. Chris Corbitt agreed saying, “nobody really cared who won, we were all just playing for fun. It was almost like a huge rec game and I would say that this was the best game I’ve played in a while. Players were happy generals were happy.” And Joe “Georgia Joe” Hamilton who wrote and produced the game said of the event, “the zombie squad was an absolute success and every member worked well to make the game enjoyable and add that little something special. Game play on both sides was top notch.”

Closing ceremonies started around 130 on Sunday and if you have never been to a closing ceremony at LCP you are truly missing out. One thing to remember – BE EXCITED if you win; otherwise you may find yourself running through the woods looking for Billy’s favorite rock, dancing gangnam style, or singing “I’m A Little Teapot” to the crowd. They are always a fun time and a great way to end an event at LCP. I am absolutely looking for to my next event at LCP and if you have never partaken in one of the events here you are 100% missing out.


All pictures from this event can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151374493419362.503789.502774361&type=3

See ya’ll next time!

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