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What’s Happening This Month

The Catshack has been booked solid for months and this month is no exception. CXBL, ESPL, Wasaga Beach and the list goes on!. If you see our jersey be sure to stop and say hello! More announcements to follow!

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Torture to add All Girls squad
Supergame welcomes Tiberius
Inception Designs Apache Review
Malaysian  MY-NPL Tournament Raided
Empire Flex Face has arrived
B.O.B White Dammit!
Tippmann Techs for Supergame
UWL Round Two in the UK
The latest from Malaysia
Jeb Lewis assumes Valken Corps Command - Deep South
Event Coverage
UWL Round Two in the UK

UWL Round Two in the UK

****UWL Round 2**** Just two weeks to go before round 2 of the UWL UK which will be held at the outstanding Adrenaline Jungle venue near Nottingham. Postcode to the site is: NG22 8SY No matter if you’ve never tried UWL before – just book yourself and slot and jump in. If you are a [...]

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Zombieland - The Paintball Game

Zombieland – The Paintball Game

An entire weekend of paintball hosted at a real amusement park? Better yet, an entire theme based off the movie “Zombieland”. Our friends with Goldfish 69 Photography gave the Catshack the goods on an epic journey in the UK and the game that was ZOMBIELAND – 2014 Oakwood Amusement Park Somewhere in Wales United Kingdom [...]

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Fundraiser for Scholarship Fund

Fundraiser for Scholarship Fund

Colorado is looking to give back to the man that started it all,  one of the creators of paintball, Mr. Bob Gurnsey. The Catshack was recently contacted by Chris Melkson, he and his team “Hooligan’s Horde” are hosting a fundraising game for the Bob Gurnsey Paintball Scholarship fund.  Located between Fountain and Pueblo, Colorado on [...]

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Area's of Interest

Mods and Tech Advice

  • J-Dawg Customs in da house!
    J-Dawg Customs in da house!

    Paintball is a fashion show! There I said it. Yes, I know it is a sport of shooting each other a sort of chess with a piece of mechanical marvel that allows you to send a gelatinous ball across the [...]

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Pink Paint

  • Paintball. A Girl's Perspective.
    Paintball. A Girl’s Perspective.

    My first experience or even knowledge that paintball existed was when I was 16, so that was 15 years ago.  I was in college and a friend of mine had a trip organized in her engineering class. As I had [...]

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Press Releases

  • Z2 Loader - White now released
    Z2 Loader – White now released

    Empire Z2 Loader SE KEE Action Sports is proud to announce the release of the Empire Z2 Loader SE in a White color. Please call your Sales Representative for product details and to place your order. Z2 Loader SE  White [...]

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Product Reviews

  • Inception Designs Apache Review
    Inception Designs Apache Review

    Below is just a short review on a simple product. I bought this a week or so ago and it is pretty awesome. In my pursuit and love of all new paintball products and my utter infatuation of videos covering [...]

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Tips and Tactics

  • Project K
    Project K

    Project K is an online training system that has been custom built to allow interaction between the coach and the individual or team to progress them in the correct way and as fast as possible. With that all in mind, [...]

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Tomcat's Corner

  • Jeb Lewis assumes Valken Corps Command - Deep South
    Jeb Lewis assumes Valken Corps Command – Deep South

    What do you think some qualifications would be that makes a Valken Corps Command position a good fit?. Jeb Lewis is a people person and outgoing for one thing…. not to mention he loves paintball and loves pushing the sport [...]

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